Spring/Summer 2015

What’s NOW!!


In the current Cosmopolitan magazine you should get a little book on Priceline Pharmacy. It is named “Festival of Beauty“. It has so many cosmetics, body products, skincare products and hair products that you would love.

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How to look like a Melbourne Lady: Accessorise


This is my second blog and I think I’m starting to enjoy this! I recommend to any girl that needs to clear her head and put their mind to some use, or are even getting bored with their life should start doing it. It is enlightening and after doing just one blog I feel a sense of fulfillment and achievement. It was something I desired to do but was feeling a little intimidated as there are sooo many bloggers out there!!! From girls in London, New York, etc, there are alot of amazing women out there that are intellectual and share unique information that I thought I probably don’t have anything to share but EVERYONE has something to share. I’m a believer of Personal Development. Do a course. Learn something new. There is so much to do. I am amazed at women who write books. I personally think you have to have an amazing mind to come up with stories and information. It’s not easy. Although, I have heard on the other hand anyone can write a book. I have started one myself and am looking forward to coming up with a story that I do not know about yet!! It’s a fiction book and I’ve started the first chapter and onto the next!  For a good story, and if you like fiction, I recommend The Governess of Highland Hall. It is by Carrie Turansky and you will find a picture of the book on my Instagram page. It is a stunning read and if you’re suffering withdrawal symptoms from Downton Abbey, it is a must read. So easy to read and yet, stunning.

This blog was meant to be about wearing white but I have gone on a tangent!!!

Moving on, if you need new heels I totally recommend these leather heels from the Wittner Store. Go to http://www.wittner.com.au. They are $179.95. Pair it with a Swarovski leather stainless-steel and crystal watch for $499 and go to www.swarovski.com to buy it. It will sparkle against your skin and make you look dazzling, and then buy a Karen Millen leather bag on the Karen Millen website.


This is a simple, elegant handbag that is sure to grab any girls attention. You will be on your way to looking pristine and amazingly gorgeous. These accessories would look great for an office outfit or even if you are just walking the streets of Melbourne. It will make you look like a “Melbourne Lady”.



Exquisite Emmalisa