Coveting Chanel



This scarf is everything. The bag? Different

I am having withdrawal symptoms not having a high fashion designer label in Merriden to go to. 

In Melbourne, I loved just walking into Louis Vuitton or Chanel and having a look, even if I didn’t have the money! Melbourne streets are my love. 😍😍😍

What designer labels do you covet? 

I can not WAIT for the day I go to London and roam the streets and walk into Harrods!!!!!! I owned a Harrods bag a little while ago but the straps of the bag ripped off and yes, I was so disappointed!! It happened on the plane on the way to Canberra. At the time, I didn’t realise how high class the bag was! Mum bought it for me when she was overseas, so now, when I go, I will save up for the perfect bag.

There is this Classic Flap Bag that I’m coveting……. And it’s…… “Different”

Printed Lambskin in blue, white and black. 

It would go with Autumn outfits and Spring outfits. Luckily, there is now a Chanel app that you can download, so download it on the App Store and shop like mad!!!!! 

I am also coveting this grained calf skinned light beige flap bag


It is just gorgeous and anything  with the Chanel signature, I covet!! ❤️

It sounds like a bad word, but when it comes to fashion, it doesn’t!!!!!

Is there a bag you want? 

Have you had your eye on anything whilst shopping lately? 


Exquisite Emmalisa 

Wonderful Wisteria Bed & Breakfast

Wow!!!! What a sight!!!!!! Driving from the Narambeen Roadhouse to a little town called Kulin, I saw the most amazing sunset!!!!! As the sun went down, and rays of light shun through the clouds, it was the most remarkable thing I had ever seen!!!!

When arriving in Kulin I didn’t know what to expect. I just wanted somewhere to crash for the night! But with anything my Mum organises it is impeccable. Mum always has such splendid taste. I walked up a ramp, onto the porch and as I started walking through the Wisteria House Bed & Breakfast I felt like I was at our house in Melbourne!! With floorboards, and mahogany sideboard tables it had a Victorian feel, and I felt right at home. 


 Towards the end of the house, the owner greeted us, and the kitchen was massive!!! She showed us to our rooms, and it was a cute little area. I got the walk in wardrobe basically, because she didn’t know I was coming! Haha!! But I don’t mind where I sleep as long as I GET sleep!!! I unpacked some of my belongings and made myself feel at home….. 


Making myself feel RIGHT at home!!! 


Don’t mind if I start reading Australia’s “Women’s Weekly“! If you go to the website they have an up to date article about Prince George meeting Barack Obama while in his PJ’s!!! This tiny 3 year old has bought cuteness overload the world over!!!! 

I flick straight through to the cover story, “What Australia thinks about the monarchy”….. Of course…… 

Interestingly, 43% of women want to keep the Queen. Did I say? I received a letter from her lady – in – waiting? Aheemm – Pardon me, if I have repeated myself!!!!


Well, off to an event tonight! A theatre production called “And Mama said” based in Kulin in the 1900’s and most of all I hope to enjoy myself! 

As I’m flicking through the magazine I am wishing I can pamper myself with this NEW Hydrating Facial Masque!!!! Looks heavenly….. 😍😍😍 and I LOVE Sukin products…… 


Exquisite Emmalisa




It has been on my heart to write about an important issue that is world-wide. I had an interesting conversation with a friend about the statistics of bullying. I cannot believe what goes on in schools, high schools, maybe even college!!! It can happen anywhere, in the home, at work, school, even at church!! You would be surprised!!!

I want to provide some tips on how to prevent or avoid bullying wherever you are! And I hope it helps those that have gone through these situations.


Here are some steps to help you with the issue of bullying:

  1. Do not argue back/Be Quiet about it – If it is a situation of verbal conflict. People like to create scenes where they look good, and they look the best. It is best to be quiet in most cases, and let them think whatever. Fighting back can cause more of a scene!!!
  2. Try not to engage/talk with them – I think the best thing when someone bullys you, is to try to avoid them at all costs. They will then somehow move on, and forget about what they said – Sometimes!!! But if they are constantly biting on you, I think the first and foremost thing to do is to just NOT talk to them.
  3. Don’t react – When someone says something to you and it is totally offensive, try not to react no matter what the situation is… If the person continues to bag you, I believe the best way to handle the situation is to just smile, and either walk off. If you happen to be near each other, then just look the other way! Don’t show that it stresses you, otherwise that person will love that they “got you”.               SMILE - BULLY
  4. Try to talk with their friends – I think it would be very interesting, if someone has friends when bullying most likely they are their friends involuntarily. If it is a group of people bullying you, try to talk with one of them when the other person isn’t there. It would be a very interesting conversation to see if they really like the person that is bullying! Listen to them carefully and be genuine when talking to them, you would be surprised to see what they would open up about!
  5. Be Kind – ALWAYS be kind to whomever, no matter what. It goes such a long way, when using this quality of heart. Be kind to the bully – they may get a shock! Be kind to their FRIENDS. Be kind to the person next door. Be kind to their friends friends….. Don’t give them too much attention when they are in the wrong. I made a mistake in primary school, as someone said to me “No offence but your lips are fat, and I just said “no offence, but you’re fat!” Do NOT do what I did. Instead, be nice to them back, you could become great friends eventually.
  6. Don’t be afraid of the person – Understand that they ARE human as well as you!!! If they are a bigger person, you never know – they might actually be soft on the inside – you will be surprised about how many bullys actually turn out to have the nicest heart at the end, and recognize that people DO change, and CAN change!!!!


Well, there are my helpful tips on bullying.

I really hope they help with anything little or BIG!



Whether you are in primary school, high school, university, or are a worker – I hope that these help you in situations that seem helpless.

Feel free to email me or get involved in something like the Bully Project. You can buy DVD’s and a toolkit – You can even host your own event! Or start your OWN project!!!!

You can donate and become a member on – a site that is helping transform and change young peoples lives! They have reached 4 million people, but would LOVE to reach 10 million!! Donate today to help reach to those statistics!!!!!




Check out articles online that will help you such as Government websites.

Don’t be afraid to just BE YOU! And stand up for yourself! I have let people stomp all over me, but standing up for yourself is the most courageous thing to ever do!


Exquisite Emmalisa

Did these tips help you? Would love to here from you about anything! Send me an email, and I will see if I can help further. If you are a young girl living at home – talking with your parents is the best thing you can ever do!!!



Best Book Investment

A couple of days ago I took a trip to Northam – a city much bigger than Merredin! and it had a few shops that I absolutely LOVED! One in particular was Everlastings on Fitzgerald where they had pretty things on display everywhere!!

From candles to vintage bags to vintage everything! I was oohing and aahing everywhere I looked! I walked over to a white bookcase where there were some beauty products on display, and I tried some “MOR” products on the skin, and it smelt gorgeous….

Sometimes I don’t particularly like the product, but what they had there I really liked! Everything was packaged beautifully, and the room was just exquisitely exhibited. I definitely recommend this shop, if you are out and about in the country of Western Australia.



After I looked at the MOR products, I walked on over to the counter, and there was a small white round table with a “high tea glasshouse style” which was a limited edition collection of candles, and right next to it was the one and only, Lisa Messenger book, Life & Love. I have seen this everywhere, and the idea of reading a book on creating your dreams was enough for me, but then I noticed – ‘Love, Style, Life’ by Garance Dore’.

I had seen this picture EVERYWHERE on Instagram, and I wanted to know what the fuss was about!!! Even more, the three stages is exactly what a female goes through constantly! We all want to be loved and ‘love’ is bound in a relationship, and ‘style’ is something that is of our particular taste, and well, ‘LIFE’ is self-explanatory.

This is the kind of book where you can skip parts and go straight to your favourite topic. Such as “Elegance”, that is the first part I skip to right away because I know that that is the topic that I want to achieve greatly in all of my blogs.

What stood out to me was the following sentence:

Elegance is….. eloquence. Knowing how to speak – The secret? Reading and practicing.

Eloquence is the practice or art of using language with fluence or aptness. Aptness is a great word! Aptness is when you are able to learn quickly, efficiently and easily. Those that are apt are refined in intelligence!


When you say about an author that is ‘eloquent’, it usually means to speak or write at ease in using language to best effect. Such as Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte. If you wish to be eloquent in speech and language, it is best to read those authors books. I am still working on it, and there are plenty of words I don’t know! But learning to be eloquent in character is something that I always will want to learn!


I may be reiterating but elegance and eloquence is something that I want as a lady!! I don’t know about you, but I am on a journey to further my language skills and character to be the best I can be as a lady.

Material on the subject is in my “How to be a lady” post, but if you don’t want to keep buying books, then google! I am sure google will find you blogs, and articles that teach you all sort of different ways to uphold yourself in grace, sophistication and poise. I am still trudging through Jane Eyre, as I started reading another book – I have put it aside, but there is something about this book that I believe will help with my English Language. English Language was actually my best subject in high school, along with Music Performance! One that really stood out to me is Shirley by Charlotte Bronte. I eventually want to get through this THICK novel, and gain knowledge through study and experience!



It has been quite an odyssey getting through my Library studies course, I have posted quite a few things in the discussion postings, and the lecturer has given quite positive feedback which has kept me proud. This I will continue to do until I figure out what my next move is! Library Studies was my first love when I graduated high school in 2004, and I can see myself in a library in the future, but sometimes you get that gut feeling like there may be more for you out there!

I need to read my own post on “Dare to Dream” to keep me thinking about the dreams that I wanted to achieve! There was just so much that I wanted to achieve as a lady, and maybe landing a dream job is what I need…. But I shall keep on with my studies and see what life shall entail this year.

Elegance is …..also…… giving attention to others. Have you ever met someone and they just make you feel special. When I met a particular girl in Melbourne, the first question she said to me in the car was “Are you royal?” WHO asks that!!!??? Hahaha and what a compliment of a question that is! I established a really good relationship with this girl, and I will never forget when she asked me that question!!!! What was more interesting was that later on I found out about my ancestry, and they DID host parties for the Prince and Princess of Wales in the 1800’s!!! So, it was close! For further information on my ancestry you can explore in my blog, Travels in Australia.

Having qualities of love, style and life is the best thing you can have. You are on your way to success if you have these things in your life, I believe!


So, I reckon…. I don’t know if the word ‘reckon’ sounds eloquent enough! Haha! But I consider the book, Love, Style, Life is a sound investment to speculate life in itself. It is full of theory, and she is a blogger too!!! That’s what I love about her. She is a photographer, illustrator and author and has published and contributed articles for British Vogue, Paris Vogue, The Wall Street journal, The New York Times, T Magazine, Elle, Guardian and New York magazine, and she lives in New York too!!! What a dream!!!

If you have read this till the end, then I would say that this is the book for you! It has helpful tips on beauty and it has everything you need in one little package! It is every girls guide to LOVE, STYLE AND LIFE!!!!!

Exquisite Emmalisa

Issa London Black Bird Print Dress

Yes!!!!!! I bought my VERY FIRST RepliKate!

I found it on Yes Style and it was only $26.90. I love how this dress has a flowy skirt at the bottom of it and it “sort of” looks like Kates dress. I know RepliKates don’t have to look exactly the same but any replica is good to me!!!!!!

I love the long sleeves and it feels very comfortable and casual. I thought I’d share a couple of pictures I took in my bedroom. ❤️

At first I thought I didn’t like it but after being in it for about 20 minutes it just wears on you and I feel feminine with the long satiny sleeves.

Let me know what you think!!!! I would love to hear any of you gorgeous girls feedback.

With the black Wittner High Heels I feel I could step out in style!!!!! Maybe I will just go back to reading “The Red Queen” by Phillipa Greogry! Oooohhh but I DO want to go out!!!!! It comes so close to the original, below is a picture of Kate in her Issa London Blue Bird Print Dress which you can buy the Jonathan Saunders replica on Kates Closet here.






Royal Visit in India

Today The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will do a wildlife safari ride in the North East of India at the Indian National Park to see elephants, rhinoceros and other safari like creatures. They set off on in a jeep and looked relaxed as they went off to enjoy the ride!

The couple have already visited Mumbai and New Delhi as I mentioned in the previous blog, on a weeklong tour of India. They will stay in Kaziranga until Thursday, when they will make a one-day trip to Bhutan.

After that Prince William and Kate will head back to India and re visit the Taj Mahal to visit the monument of love that Princess Diana visited in 1992.


Here is an itinerary of what they will be doing today.

This daily itinerary would be excellent for you to peruse to see exactly what they are doing today. Kate keeps it casual with Zara jeans, and a spotted blouse while William opts for khakis.

There are numbers of articles written by ABC news, Daily Mail, to keep you up to date with the latest, but I just wanted to share what I can. I’m excited to see what they are up to and am more interested in the tour that they will do at the World Heritage Site.

Prince William has done campaigns to protect endangered animals and has done for quite a few years already. They planned this visit to Kaziranga to focus global attention on conservation.

Today they will visit an agricultural village in the park and meet villagers in a community hall for a talk about rural life in India. They will learn how the villagers lived and such.

So it would be an interesting tour! And wouldn’t we love to be there! Hehe You can visit Royal Central for more detailed information. Thanks to Getty images for the pictures.



A Duchess of Dreams

All I have been doing these past couple of days is eagerly watching Twitter updates on the Royal Tour of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visiting India and Bhutan.

I follow Kensington Palace and have started to find Royal Photographers which take photos straight away and it has been thrilling to watch for new engagements and what is going to happen next!!!! I thought it was gorgeous that Kate had to write something in Braille and she decided to type “George”! He is obviously on her mind while she is overseas…. I can’t imagine how it would feel as a parent to feel so far away from your children but they are in good hands!!!

I just love every single dress she has worn. She has kept herself elegant and stylish while keeping a cultural perspective of Indian clothes.

This dress has been found on Glamorous on Amazon. You can now buy the RepliKate!!!! Click here.

If you follow me on Instagram I have been posting like mad these couple of days!!!! Every time I see new posts on Twitter it has been like, SCREENSHOT!!!!!!

If you know me personally, I could talk about Kate Middleton all day. I did a post on her in the Coats post and Real RepliKate post. There are numerous topics on her, her look, her style, her work, her family! The list goes on…..

Have you been enjoying the latest updates on her engagements?

I have!! I have become quite a Royal Watcher since late 2013 and have been fascinated by the work they do and what they are involved in. The travelling they did to India was a celebration for the Queens 90th and Prince William said he is incredibly lucky. I must say, I recently received a letter from the Queens lady in waiting and it is such a sentimental peice of documentation that I will absolutely cherish forever! I won’t be staying in Merredin forever and have framed it and it will always be in my room wherever I decide to live!

This is a picture of a house drawn by the Duchess of Cambridge during a visit to a contact centre run by the charity Salaam Baalak, which provides emergency help and long term support to homeless children at New Delhi railway station on April 12, 2016 in New Dehli, India.

Kate is absolutely breakthakingly stunning here and I love her aura. A woman of grace and quality and value has kept the worlds eyes on her! I believe she is an epitome of a lady and I have probably said that already but I can not recapitulate it without emphasising this even more!!!  She is a woman of quality and more especially “princess” quality!

Here she did an arts class with the children in India. She is also a woman of creativity which a lady should also have. A lady should hold herself with a range of hobbies, such as either scrapbooking, quilting, sewing, if you’re not into anything creative as much try Card Making maybe! Or drawing, or oil painting. Taking something up in the Arts is a fascinating thing. There is a lot to learn!

Well, you have probably seen all the photos on my Instagram, but it was nice to add in a blog. I hope you have enjoyed my spiel on Kate!  I apologise that I have not established a more detailed blog. An itinerary was posted. And you can go here to see an article from The Guardian on what they have been doing or The Mirror for a complete Royal Tour 2016 itinerary. I do know that India has been on Kates heart as she told Prince William she wanted to go there when they first got married.

She is such a Duchess of Dreams…….



3 Hair Products

Here are some daily use products suited to all hair types and textures:

  1. Shampoo/Conditioner for Fine Hair – Christophe Robin Delicate Volumizing with Rose Extract Shampoo and Conditioner – $48 and $54


You should find: Two Steps to a Healthy Scalp article on the website. The products are found on the website as well.

Step 1

This purifying, moisturizing, and soothing scrub is ideal as a detox treatment to cleanse and rebalance sensitive or oily scalps, but also as a post-coloring treatment to relieve stinging and itchiness and remove chemical residues left on the scalp.

containing sea salt—a natural exfoliant—which eliminates impurities and support natural blood micro-circulation, providing rebalancing mineral salts. which offers deep and long-lasting hydration even after rinsing. The scalp is soothed, rebalanced, and healthy while the hair is left shiny and completely clean.

Step 2

This hair finish lotion, enriched with sage vinegar, helps to remove impurities from the hair and purify and sooth the scalp leaving the hair lightweight, clean and looks radiant for longer. Can be used everyday on greasy hair coloured or uncoloured hair.

Spray a small quantity (2-3 spritzes) from root to tip on soaking wet hair before towel drying. On dry hair, apply between washes as a refreshing spray and throughout midlengths and ends as a light texturizer.

2. Glossing Product – Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray – $37.95. To order call 1300 437 436 – If you want shiny hair, then this is the product for you! It keeps you from having fizz free hair. Spritz your style with this finishing spray. This is a perfect product for finishing off your style!


3. HAIR MASK – Morrocanoil Restorative Hair Mask – $51.95. To order call 1300 437 436 or you can shop for it on GOOGLE. If your lengths have been damaged by chemical treatments or heat styling, this argan oil and vitamin infused mask helps to restore them back to health!


These are perfect for that treatment you have been waiting for!!! These hair treatments will leave you feeling fresh, and ready for a new YOU!

Exquisite Emmalisa


Best Beauty Buys

Offering a broad range of shades, this foundation leaves a sheer finish that can be worked up to full coverage. 

Luminous Silk Foundation – Giorgio Armani $92 To order, call 1300 651 991.

It can be $75 on the Strawberry Net website

Powder Illuminator


The finely milled powder is designed to reflect light, creating definition on your cheeks and leaving you looking luminous!!! 

It gives your complexion the ultimate face-flattering glow.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder – MECCA



Dermalogica MediBac Concealing Spot Treatment $37

With a neutral iron-oxide tint and anti-inflammatory carob seed extract, this disguises blemishes and treats them at the same time! 

  A couple of years ago I used to use Dermalogica aaaaalll the time!!! It is a very well known brand and when I worked in South Yarra I used to get facials done on my lunch break at the salon and they used their products. The best product is the microdermabrasion.


Body Exfoliant

Jo Malone Geranium & Walnut Body Scrub $80

Small walnut shell fragments, sunflower seeds and rich Shea butter smell heavenly and skin is polished and hydrated when using this product.

In the next blog I will share some beautiful “Hair Products”……

Happy Shopping lovelies!


Exquisite Emmalisa