New Year’s resolutions to embrace life to the fullest


And now, as we are about to welcome the new year, suddenly we realize – this is our fresh start, a new chance, a life full of things that have never been. There are new questions to be asked, new challenges to be embraced and new things and people to be loved (or the old ones, cherished even more). With the new year ahead we’re embarking on a journey with so many answers to be discovered and lived in this new transformative year, full of delight and self-discovery. This is the perfect time to dream and plan, as only dreams give birth to change. New year is the time to be brave.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who have finally decided it’s time they introduced a change in their lives with this upcoming year, we’re giving you a few tips to stir you into thinking straight – for yourself:

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A Collection of Christmas Songs

It’s getting closer and closer to Christmas!
I thought I would do a list of some favourite Christmas songs. When it comes to this season of life, I love the time with friends and family when you gather to make special memories and not just receive presents, but to give as well.

Christmas for me, is all about that – giving and holding onto special moments. Holding specially onto the fact that you get up on Christmas Day and are looking forward to the day for weeks or days (even months!) and just getting to that time where you have a traditional crossaints and jam for breakfast with a Royal Albert High Tea  and right after your heart is bursting to open up presents!!!!!! And then passing the rest of the day just spending quality time with family.

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Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s First Royal Solo Trip

Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge recently went on her first ever Solo Trip to the Netherlands on a one-day trip without her husband, Prince William.

It is her first time travelling overseas on official royal business without William and her engagements were to be at The Hague and Rotterdam.

Catherine’s first trip included a tour of the Mauritshuis museum in the Hague, where she had lunch with the King, Queen Maxima and their three daughters at their royal residence.

After lunch, Catherine visited the Mauritshuis Museum where Catherine surveyed and inspected twenty-two paintings that were on loan from the British Royal Collection.

Emilie Gordenker was one of the museum directors and she stopped to have a chat with Catherine and the children, whilst the children were lined up in the streets waving their Union Jack British flags. All the children were assembled in a line ahead of three traditional British red telephone boxes which were constructed for the exhibition.

What photographers loved to shoot was the stunning photo of Catherine, who stopped to pose in front of the famous painting, Girl with a pearl earring, which was originally painted by Vermeer. To me, this is a remarkable beloved iconic picture which represents a stunning appearance of her.

Catherine showed much interest in the painting, and Ms Gordenker apparently said “She didn’t mention the earrings she was wearing” which showed she was more interested in something else other than her own appearance.


Catherine asked Emilie if the painting had become more popular since the film came out, and Emilies response was “It definitely had”.

This is Emilie in this photograph below.


Catherine’s last enagagement of the day was visiting Bouwkeet which is a district in Rotterdam.

Catherine also helped fix a bicycle wheel there with two teenagers which was a workshop and pupils took part in a robotics class during the visit to De Boukweet Work Space – it is an initiative which is community based where Boukweet is a financially disadvantaged, and needy area.

Richenel Lensa mentioned that “The kids were very happy to see that someone important had come to see what they are doing.”

The work involved really helped the community and Catherine knows how to get her hands working, when it comes to helping others.

This is why I believe she is such a fantastic role model for our current generation. She is not only poised, but is smart, intelligent and knows how to work with purpose. I mainly got most of my information from the latest Royal Life Magazine, which if you get the latest copy it is $9.95 in most Australian news agency’s. I used to have them put aside for me in Merredin, but now that I am in Perth, I have had to find them for myself, as it is a different and wider demographic. I got this copy in Floreat Forum, as Scarborough doesn’t have them. I am thinking of doing a piece on the family’s engagement when they went to Canada, but this engagement really stood out to me, as the pictures of Catherine are just stunning, and I am most particularly interested in oil paintings. So, grab your copy, and sit back, and catch up on all the latest on Royal Life News.



Beauty pick ups and afternoon bliss! 

Yesterday I went to Joondalup Shopping Centre with a friend and as soon as I got there I felt I was in heaven!!!! It reminded me of Highpoint Shopping Centre and everything felt normal again…..

Shopping in a BIG shopping centre is my thing….. and where there’s at least a few clothing stores that have at least Forever New, I am totally inclined to designer shopping as it is a great idea to buy the Christmas shopping as well. I’m so excited to see this new centre grow and grow to be successful and world – class.

Walking around the centre it felt so good to be at a good place where there was a lot of BUZZ, people and it was beautiful to see some Christmas decorations that were up! It was “beginning to feel a lot like Christmas”……

I’m so glad I got to see this grand place, as I am currently in Scarborough where the closest shops are Innaloo. Innaloo isn’t too bad, but Joondalup is MASSIVE and there’s practically EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

If you want to do your Christmas shopping, Joondalup is a great place to go to.

I picked up a few beauty buys!

I went straight to MAC Cosmetics and spoke to a lady that helped me pick a new foundation. I had been using Studio Fix’s liquid compact foundation, which was great on my skin, but I wanted something completely new and fresh!

It was completely delightful to sit and have the lady pamper me with testing “Studio Fix Fluid SPF15 NW20″.

I was most happy with the results as it looked like a similar colour to my neck as well, so it didn’t look like I was one colour and then another colour below. It is normally hard to find the right colour for me as I have olive skin, but am quite fair on the neck. This $50 foundation is honestly the way to go!

The second best beauty buy is:

L’Oreal False Lash Butterfly Wings

It gives a false lash effect which is exactly what I want!!!!! And it fans out your lashes to make a glamorous statement and then I just thought I would love to create more volume, and that’s exactly what it does! I think it lengthens the eye lashes as well, as my eyelashes are quite short – some people say I have long ones! But I don’t think so!!!! If you want lengthened eyelashes, this beautiful mascara is a great beauty buy!


Another stop was ….

Peter Alexander

Australia’s leading sleepwear designer brand. I have shopped here MANY times and I actually met Peter at Highpoint of the opening of Peter Alexander in the shopping centre.

I shopped and browsed until I came across a Paris Eiffel Tower pyjama slip, and I just LOVE the packaging!!! It is absolutely stunning.


And, somewhere in the centre I bought a Heathcote and Ivory Body Moistursing Cream called “Blush Rose” which I particularly LOVE as the brand is English and it has a nice ring to the name! It’s a softening body cream, and I started to peel where my sunburn was and it helped moisturise my skin, so it stopped it from being flaky.


Heathcote and Ivory has some gorgeous stuff and the collections are vintage and would make great Christmas presents. I particularly liked the Vintage and Co Patterns and Petals Bath Fizzler Caddy. There are hand creams, and hand and lip sets that you can buy for 6 pounds. It has pretty sets, and decorative tins to make your bathroom look really pretty.


I then went to H&M and found this summery top that was ONLY $15!!!! I thought it was PERFECT for the summery season that we are now in, and I love the pattern. It is really summery and girly, and I have been wearing it around the house ever since I bought it.

Have you been to H&M? I loved the Melbourne one when it was the old GPO.


MAC happens to be an authentic brand and doesn’t disappoint! I have been using their products for years now, and will probably stick to it for as long as I can. This new foundation is a NEW LOVE, as it really matches the colour of my skin.

It has a similar name to the compact foundation that you can buy, but you have to make sure that it says “fluid” at the end, and that the packaging is in a bottle, as it is very liquidy, and not like the one that comes in a compact.

And OF COURSE, the last stop was Dymocks. It was my kind of day, coffee, shopping, coffee, then shopping….. It was seriously the BEST day of my life!!!!! I met a girl in a store who was from Manchester – I think it was in Novo, and I raved on about my desire to go to London – I think she got the picture that I was a city girl, and she said ‘I would love it’….

Doesn’t this book look so informative and elegant? That’s why I picked it!!! I particularly chose it because I wanted to read up more on a ‘royal member’, and something that wasn’t too hard to read, but informative. I still have to finish the “Other” Victoria book which I mentioned previously, but that was a novel, and I can still get through it – I tend to read at night before bed – I find it hard to read through out the day because I like to be productive, like, doing things like this!!! and well, typing!!! It is such a stunning cover, that as soon as I saw it, I was like “I have got to have that!!!!”…… hehehe As it says on the cover, it is the inspiration for the ITV series of “Victoria”, which I WISH I was able to watch!!! But I think it may be on Foxtel, whereas I only have Netflix. I STILL have to get through “The Crown” – I probably only have a few episodes to go!!! When it finishes I will be sad…. as it is like Downton Abbey ending…..

Last, but not least, this mug and saucer are from:

Morgan and Finch

Unfortunately, I was unable to find this cup and saucer online, so I don’t know where you can find it online, but it is in Bed Bath and Table in the homewares section, and it is apart of the Morgan and Finch Home Collection. Don’t you just love my photos!??? How exquisite. 😍


It has been the most amazing day at Joondalup Shopping Centre, and now it is time to unwind with a Buckingham Palace Garden Party Tea – which is Jasmine Earl Grey from the English Tea Store in Canada. How divine!!!!! My eyes popped open when I saw this delicious looking box!!!!!

It is the next favourite tea, after London Strand and it may well be my new favourite number One tea! I think the tea speaks for itself, it is the number one tea to have AT a garden party!!!!

I really would like the idea of having an afternoon or high tea with someone and having this set out with my Royal Albert collection. It would just be perfect for that tea party you want!

The weekend is to be a relaxing time and well, I do feel relaxed, especially when there is not much to do but watch Netflix (Or a DVD which is called “Monarchy – the royal family at work”), and finish up on assignments. I have it on in the background while I surf the internet, (whoops, more shopping!), listening to music, and catching up on blogs.

YAY! It’s Friday!

Don’t you just love the weekends??? I know what I will be doing – sipping tea, and reading “Victoria – A Life”. Let’s see if I will eventually do a book review on it!


                 Exquisite Emmalisa

A few “Kate Middleton inspired” blog posts

I admit…. I’ve become an avid, obsessed “royal fan”, and it’s because of pageantry, pomp, and especially the royal fashion. I can’t wait to go to London next year, IF and hopefully there will be another royal wedding.  👑 👰

Royal Wedding dresses have been the talk all over the world, and every girl likes to hear “fairytale” stories and romance!

I have decided to come up with a few posts that either explain the fashion, or just inspire the fashion, whether they have an opinion or not!

Here is a few “Kate Middleton inspired blog posts” for the weekend.

1. All dressed up posts about Royal Fashion on “Dressed up Duchess“, which I looove!!!! I particularly love the Emilia Wickstead Wool Crepe Midi Dress, and I like how she talks about each piece with her own viewpoint on it.


2. Styling the Duchess of Cambridge on her world trip – The Style Artisan

These extra outfits are found on Polyvore – so you can check out different styled outfits that can make you look a little more like Kate!


Royal Style 2


Royal style 3


Royal style 4

3. I could totally relate with the Empty scribbler….. Here she posts about her “London Fantasy“…. and she sounds totally like me!!! She doesn’t mention Kate but I had to add this one in for you to see as her mentality is quite like mine! Never been to London but dreaming of it…. 

4. The Brown Girls View creates her OWN idea of a collection of what she can imagine seeing Catherine, the duchess of Cambridge, wearing. (I am trying to get used to not saying “Kate Middleton” anymore, but it’s hard because it stuck with me!)

5. A post by Bamaanie – GET THE LOOK completely on a budget with Witchery leather flat shoes and a Ted Baker blazer. 



6. The Preen Finella Dress that Kate wore twice is on Kate Middleton Style, the black one at Place 2 Be and in September, to the historic reconciliation ceremony and reception in Victoria, Canada. The red midi dress by Thornton Brigazzi. I particularly like this dress and totally want it! I am hoping that if I don’t buy a replicate that I can get one tailor made.



Kate attends attends Place2Be Wellbeing




Exquisite Emmalisa

How to emphasise your gorgeous lips

The pout is everything, especially when paired with a gorgeous set of pearly whites and an attitude that will sass out any competition in the way. Everything you are is read through your body language and facial expressions, which is why almost every single detail you’ve got going on means one thing or the other. No, nobody’s saying be fake to make it! Rather, we are suggesting be who you are and let the world see the beauty you are hiding by carefully manipulating your given gorgeousness.
For all you queens out there who are looking to show the world what you are made of, here are some tips on how to “use” your already beautiful lips and turn them into your shield and armor!

Here we go.

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