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I am a Mary Kay fanatic, and I have been using the skincare and makeup for about several years. I was a consultant for a little while when I was 23-24, but never got around to hosting classes. I gained a lot of knowledge and absolutely loved the $5 book on how Mary Kay started her company. It was very inspirational. I still have the TimeWise collection for the face but don’t use it as often, as I keep to my daily ritual of Neutrogena cleanser and Sukin moisturiser, and it seems to be working for me! I like how Mary Kay likes to “THINK PINK“. I collected so much stuff from applying as a consultant, and LOVED all of the makeup. I used a lot of things as gifts as well and adored the packaging.


With the products I used, I used a lot of pinks and browns as I always wanted to create a “natural day wear” look. I don’t know about you, but I love those two colours the MOST! Here is attached the CURRENT Catalogue of Mary Kay where you can explore what’s in at the moment with their makeup.




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Amazing Arbonne Addiction

It’s the weekend!!!! And I can’t wait till 2 o’clock for a Makeup course with Arbonne held at the Merredin Recreational Centre. I have always loved my makeup, especially Mary Kay, and checking out new brands is fun! I have been using Arbonne skincare products especially the little samples I received from a consultant that I previously talked about in a recent blog.


I recently received some beauty products. A MUSK Travel Pack that included a loofah, shampoo and conditioner, and a body wash and body lotion. It can be found on EBay.


For a wide range of products to choose from, check out Adore Beauty. It has Aesop, L’Occitane, Skintitute and so much more!!!



It’s 2 o’clock and I arrived in a grey and white striped maxi dress with a coral blazer jacket. Makeup is displayed on tables along with catalogues and mirrors, eyeshadow palettes and MUCH more.


At the start the makeup lady asked us all what our makeup routine was (I have been a bit lazy since moving to Merredin) and she explained that Arbonne is a Swiss company that started 35 years ago and is botanical based.

We started the makeup routine off with a primer, then applied liquid foundation…. The foundations were SPF15. After that we put on “light” creme concealer, like under the eyes to get rid of some bags…. and then a bronzer to highlight the cheeks and even the face!! I topped the look off with “Blossom” blush which left a soft, sweet natural look.



We then put a base eyeshadow on, named “Linen“, I then used “Indigo” eyeshadow at the end of the eye and above the eye as well, and blended it along the crease of the eye.

We then finished off with a “Setting Pretty Translucent Loose Powder Broad Spectrum SPF 15” and “Sheer Glow Highlighter” which you only put across the cheekbones.


To complete the makeover look, I then put on “It’s a long story” mascara, and used the “Hibiscus” lipstick which is $28, for a glamorous effect.


The Arbonne makeup is a lot of fun! and I enjoyed dabbing my face with these simple products. I bought, or should I say, ordered the “Ebony” eyeliner as I had run out of black eyeliner for everyday use. It was so nice to do classes as it is fun sharing with other women.

If you like Estee Lauder, I came across a CHEAP eyeshadow palette for only $18.95! Surprisingly, Ebay has quite a few cheap palettes that you will love!!! I hope you have enjoyed the makeover that I have shared with you as much as I have loved sharing it!!!




Exquisite Emmalisa


Do you have a makeup routine happening? Is it daily? or once a week?

Are there any makeup classes you can do in your area?

Pilgrimage to Perth


When my Dad mentioned that we were spending the long weekend in Perth I was over loaded with excitement. We were in Mandurah not too long ago and now we are going on another holiday! Travel is one of the main things I wanted to do this year, even though I was brought up in Perth, there is still a lot I haven’t seen & we go down there every few months seeing it is the closest major city to us.

Sometimes I feel I have been in the country for too long, but what to do!

We arrived at the motel, Starwest Apartments Alderney on Hay around 1pm, Saturday, and it was fairly adequate with 2 bedrooms and open space with a nice sized kitchen and a lounge room with television. Quite a comfortable place, cute and modern.


I didn’t watch television at all!! I just enjoyed the stay and most of all the views from the balcony! We stayed right in the heart of Perth CBD with excellent services and facilities. Summer fun! There was a pool but never got round to the time for it!


On Saturday, Garden City in Booragoon was our first stop, like always! And Zara and Bardot were the main places we shopped. I didn’t buy anything but today I got a lovely bracelet from a little boutique shop called “Stella Rose” which is situated in Mount Hawthorn. The lady that served us, Jenny was really lovely, and complimented my sister a lot when trying on clothes. The bracelet is so feminine and is very special to me seeing that Mum bought it for me. Something special to have and to hold.


We also went into a little bookshop and I loved the travel section. From New York, to London, it had EVERYTHING! And every single bit of information on every city in the world! I wanted to buy “Melbourne”, but from living there I feel I know enough about the place!

I bought a new book, “The lost Tudor Princess”. I can’t wait to get stuck into it when I finish A Refuge at Highland Hall. It’s not in my current to read list for 2016, but it just looked too intriguing to not to buy!!! It looks like my cup of tea! If you love books, refer to my previous post for a selection of novels and such.


I didn’t go into the actual mall this time but we drove through the city for fun!!! Checking out different suburbs of the town……. It made me miss city life! Just a bit!


Travel is still on my list, but while I’m based in Merredin I want to continue on with studies, as it is quite important to me at this stage in life! I have so many things I want to achieve in life, and finding and creating my life whilst in Merredin is an adventure! Setting goals for travel or anything else in life sets the tone for your life!!! For example, If writing a book is a dream, set small achievable goals weekly and set time aside to write. You will feel like you’re getting somewhere!!!

I hope the same for you wherever you are! Adventures here we come!

Exquisite Emmalisa

Do you love to travel?

Don’t be afraid to comment!

My Book Collection



I want to share with you a collection of my favourite books and ones that I am reading this year!!! One of my goals or New Years resolution is to read more.

As mentioned in one of my first few blogs, my favourite book so far is:

1. The Governess of Highland Hall – Carrie Turansky

It is a novel about a lady Julia who leaves India doing missionary work to go to England to be a governess to the Ramsey children at Highland Hall in Berkshire. William Ramsey is a widowed father and he and Julia fall in love which reminds me a lot of The Sound of Music!!!!

I recommend to all women this novel, if you like the series Downton Abbey, THIS you will love!!!

You can also get it on your Kindle for $8.91 or you can buy it on Carrie Turanksy’s website. 


The second book in the series is “The Daughter of Highland Hall” which wasn’t as good as the first one in my own honest opinion, but I am currently reading the third book to it in the Edwardian Bride Series, A Refuge at Highland Hall which is about the character, Penny and her friendship with a British pilot, Alex.


I love sharing my selection of novels on my Instagram page!

I have borrowed some books from the library on London in the Victorian Era and the 18th century. I am fascinated by this sort of thing and history especially.

2. Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte

This I read when I was a young teenager, but am adding to this years reading again. To some people it may seem either verbose or too wordy, but I was able to get through it at a young age, and some may think its dry, but from what I remember I absolutely loved it!

3. Shopaholic to the rescue – Sophie Kinsella

This is for some light reading where Becky Bloomwood goes to Las Vegas to find out what happened to her father!!!


Reading List 2016

1. Longbourn – Jo Baker
2 Masquerade – Nancy Moser
3. A Heart most worthy – Siri Mitchell
4. Persuasion – Jane Austen
5. Cotillion – Georgette Heyer
6. Sylvester – Georgette Heyer
7. Venetia – Georgette Heyer
8. The Garden Party – Katherine Mansfield
9. North and South – Elizabeth Gaskell
10. When Jesus wept – Bodi and Brock Thoene
11. Those Faraday Girls – Monica McInerney
12. Madam Bovary – Gustave Flaubert
13. Hettie of Hope Street – Annie Groves
14. Let the little children come – Lois Hoadley Dick
15. Back to St. Clare’s – Enid Blyton
16. For love of Lily – Maggie Bennett
17. Victorian London – Liza Picard
18. London in the 18th Century – Jerry White
19. Elizabeth the Queen – Sally Bedell Smith
20. The Mists of Avalon – Marion Zimmer Bradley



Not in particular order, but library books come first because I don’t want fines again!! I love ticking off books on the Good Reads App. And it is my 2016 goal to read twenty books. Making a challenge sets you on surpassing things, and I will be taking a book with me everywhere I go!!

What you decide to read affects your future and it educates you. I am making more and more goals for myself this year and reading twenty books is still quite a lot when you think about it!!!

Having a hunger for new words is like a proclivity. I adulate it. And can’t wait to start studying again this year, Certificate IV in Library and Information Services. What a capacious course!! It will lead me into a prodigious trajectory. I am psyched!!!

Well, there’s my twenty texts and novels for this year. I probably won’t write another blog on books till next year, depending on what’s happening in my life!




Have you made a reading goal this year in 2016?

What is your favourite book of all time?


Magnificent Mandurah

Arriving into Mandurah was just paradise…… It is a beach and village on the coast of WA south of Perth, Australia. Embarking on a three day journey felt like the most adventurous thing I had ever done since Port Douglas in 2013. Such a great start to the year!!!!

It was my first time EVER going on a house boat….. The boat had a name…… Abbey J….. Most boats had names and I liked the sound of “Lady Lorna”. There is a boat called “Quicksilver” with “Mandurah House Boats” which is where we hired ours from, which Quicksilver has a SPA in it!!!! I had my own bedroom and the boat was just comfy, spacious, and luxurious. We had access to television and could charge our phones. I made sure I took a book, Sophia, about a god daughter of Queen Victorias.

Sitting on deck with book in hand and a magnificent view was all I could not ask for more.



We packed lots of food, snacks and stopped off at cafes and restaurants within the inlet. Where we stopped over night at the Pelicans Public Jetty we fed the seagulls, I indulged over a Mango Milkshake and my sisters had fun catching crabs!!!! My mum even caught a fish!





On the third day, during the day we saw LOTS of dolphins!!!! It was ssooooo beautiful and they are such amazing creatures, they glided across the pristine water like they were the only ones there!! I was in AWE of them!!!
I took lots of photos with my Canon camera and got a few close ups……. One came RIGHT near the boat in front of me!!!!!



The trip was full of much excitement and fun. My sisters know how to have a ball!!

So if you’re ever considering hiring a houseboat, don’t forget Mandurah has a range of boats to choose from!!! And who wouldn’t want the one with the spa!!!


Exquisite Emmalisa

What’s the first thing you would like to do this year?

P.S. there are also videos on my Instagram page!!!

Watermelon “Wonder” Juice

For an excellent kickstart to the year, I have decided to drink more juices this summer! I like to create my own using the NutriBullet. I am a fan of this wonderful new innovation. It leaves you feeling clean, new and refreshed.

The following is a small recipe of what I did today for lunch! It mainly consists of watermelon because it is my favourite fruit!! 🍉🍉🍉 🍇🍇🍇

Ginger (a very small piece)
Grapes (small bunch)
3 prunes
Almond Milk

It tastes amazing and is brilliant for summer time!!!! It would be great to google a couple of juice recipes to keep you going.


I would say that the NutriBullet is a great investment as it mixes the fruit better than a normal blender would. I would totally recommend buying it as it is worth it!!!


There are so many recipes online that you can find!! And when you buy the NutriBullet it has a booklet of different juices to choose from. It’s even got protein dinners and “vibrant” vegetarian dinners and salads for lunch, which I want to try the Cucumber Salad!! There are soups and you can even make your own snacks!!! Veggie snacks and nutty snacks!!!

There’s NutriBlast recipe ideas which I will try some time this week!!!! I like how the program uses 50% vegetables and 50% fruit. So you get a balanced diet out of it. So to get the most out of life, you need to get the most out of your food and that’s what this 6 week transformation plan does for you.


So, I hope you find a plan that works for you and that you learn to keep healthy this year!!!!

Exquisite Emmalisa

Have you got any health goals this year?

Summer days

This summer has been one of the best Summers I have ever experienced! Every year our family would go to Phillip Island when we lived in Melbourne, but coming to the west side of Australia there has been more to do and see because it is such a bigger state!!!

I went to Lake Bandee which apparently “looks” like Hawaii!! And we swam in the lake which was a new experience for me!!

Yesterday me and my family spent the day in Point Walter which we just sat there and had a marvellous view of the river……


I wore some jeggings with a striped orange and white singlet perfect for the day. I took my bathers but didn’t end up swimming, and I watched family play a bit of volleyball.

If you’re looking for that perfect summer dress there is a sundress on the Lover website which is an apricot sort of orange colour and is $695. It is called Lover Cotton and would be lovely to pair it with some gold bangles. It is a feminine piece which surely will have heads turning!!

I haven’t really gone shopping this summer to be honest, if I were in Melbourne I would be found on Chapel street or Bridge Road at this time of year!! Melbourne, as I have said before, is the best for fashion!!! And I miss that place dearly!!

But I have been travelling through Western Australia which has been quite fun!! And have captured some beautiful moments.


Summer days is all about comfort and simplicity, and if you’re looking for a laid back, summer read I recommend “Those Faraday Girls” by Monica McInerney. It is on my to read list and will get stuck into it as soon as I finish this blog!!!


Don’t forget to grab your copy of this Summers issue of InStyle!!! With the stunning Drew Barrymore on the cover. There is a section where she speaks as a confident woman saying “I am who I am – and I just don’t have a bikini body”. This captivated me as I used to be conscientious of my body in my early twenties but now that I am nearing thirty, I am learning to embrace my womanhood. Being skinny doesn’t make you a better person. It’s learning to embrace how you are, then you’ll realise just how blessed you are with what you’ve got.

I am also interested in Drew Barrymores book, Wildflower. I am totally intrigued and they mention it in the interview.


Anyways, I hope you have had a wonderful start to the new year!!!!! 2016 is MY year and I am looking forward to creating new goals and New Years resolutions. I have a few goals in mind, but no deadlines. I am taking life as it comes.

May 2016 be a prosperous and healthy one for you!

Be blessed

Exquisite Emmalisa

How was Christmas?

Have you been travelling this summer?

What are your goals?