My Current Home Office

Today I got a little inspiration from someone’s blog about capturing my writing desk and re decorating my home office. Because of all that’s going on in the world and we are required to spend more time at home I decided to work more on the bedroom side of things. I cleaned and re did my dressing table as you would have seen on my recent Instagram post I did a beauty post of YSL and MECCA and The beauty products that I own. I thought it would be a fantastic time to re-do a lot of different things and put some more ideas and perspective into how I go about my business on a daily routine.

First thing I did this morning was have my very first VALENTUS SLIM ROAST OPTIMUM WEIGHT MANAGEMENT coffee which I ordered through a friends VALENTUS business page, Faith Paramena.

It improves your mood and focus and it’s a powdered coffee where it helps shut off cravings in the brain from your stomach and crushes cravings and increases energetic and metabolized fat to energy.

It’s a dark roast coffee and is the solution to my weight management at the moment. It’s a substitute for my morning Nespresso when I crave coffee and sugar for energy. and it also supports blood sugar regulation and boosts circulation and oxygen delivery. Whilst having a coffee that tastes like instant it’s not Nespresso or your regular latte at all it’s fantastic for all those things mentioned and is a dietary supplement.


Onto the desk and office side of things I decided to clear absolutely EVERYTHING off the desk, wipe it down with wipes and re sort what type of books I want on display.

I like to have any material based on “writing” and/or “business” type books. I gave away my 4 business resources to a friend who works for AMWAY so sometimes when I’m doing that when working in business with a friend and you give them resources it really helps and assists with what they do and they may get inspiration from reading a book that may be for another business but a quote might POP out at them and it could ABSOLUTELY help them!

I set out my London sign wipe the MAC computer and set out a new look. I have kept my London mousepad and a few London decorations I have always had. I really want more of a chic pink look sometimes but I love the white look and eventually want to paint my chair white! To match!





How to be a Hepburn in a Hilton World – Jordan Christy

How to be lovely (the Audrey Hepburn way of life) – Melissa Hellistern

The Jane Austen Writers Club – Rebecca Smith

Manual of English Grammar and Composition

Eats, shoots and leaves – Lynne Truss

A Writers Commonplace Book – Rosemary Friedman

I want to be creative / Harrier Griffey

That’s 11 books that I keep on my writing desk ✍️

I love the fact that I can set out my favourite notebooks and diaries and really plan out my day once you have a clean office area. It sets the tone and mood for the day and when you minimalise the things you use and have the proper things you need on the desk – materials wise and study wise it really does help with the way you progress and work. The way you set your desk it definitely does affect the way you work for example I have made things simple with choosing just enough books on display and not making it too cluttered. I have 1 mug when I have a coffee or tea and / or I have 1 or 2 diaries to prioritise my tasks and schedule / appointments / ZOOM meetings etc.

I work on different things through out the day so if I am not studying I could be working on writing a song or working on my Virtual Music Manager as of current projects.

It’s my new love and I created a music Instagram page and Facebook page which I will share in a different blog post as that is another whole different thing I will be working on project wise.

I have some things in mind and will keep you in the loop!

I have a website in progress and if you want to work in the music side of things my email for music stuff and projects is

That’s a WHOLE other thing!


Back to the desk!

I have started to create more visuals and been more creative with Canva creating personal development type quotes for something fun on the side to keep me busy!

With something for me to do

I particularly love quotes that keep you on your toes!

And I like to make my own up when I have an AHA moment!

So it doesn’t look like you are copying from the bible or another person!


I hope you are inspired like I was to RE CREATE your office space and be CREATIVE and VISUAL with the things you do!!!!!!

Love Emmalisa