Enjoying Life’s Purpose – My new book completed in 2021.

‘Enjoying Life’s Purpose’

Last year I was inspired to sit down and write a book on ‘purpose’. That topic just means not just so much to me, but it is a topic that a lot of people resonate with in life, and we are always searching for meaning in what we do, what our plans and dreams and goals are.

I am hoping that some of the quotes I have used resonate with you and give you a great perspective in your spiritual life.

The book I wrote was called “Enjoying life’s purpose”. I dedicated it to my beautiful friend Adam and he even said my book was incredible and that he thought it was literally world class. Now that I think about it I have no idea how I did it. I felt it was a spiritual thing. Words pouring out while I type and just letting it flow and manifest in the way that it was meant to be.

It also is a journal where you can apply life applications with questions to do with certain paragraphs I wrote. The chapters were sectioned off with titles such as “Just purpose”, “Enjoying goal setting”, “A rich experience in purpose” …

What do you think of when you hear that word ‘purpose’? When I look at that word, I think of heading somewhere with an action plan in mind or even a goal. I completely love this word and I am not sure why but there is something behind that word that shows authenticity and is real.

There are three definitions that you can find to do with this word, and the first is ‘the reason for which something is done or for which something exists’. The second definition is ‘a person’s sense of determination’ and the third can be to ‘have one’s intention’.

You can merely exist in the world and not have purpose, trudging through life with no sense of direction or plan or goal. There MUST be a reason as to simply why you were put on this earth and that you were created FOR a purpose. Purpose can have such a wide interpretation and meaning to it. If you were to brainstorm or set out a map or blueprint of your life, what would your life’s purpose be like?

What are your plans? Your life goals? I have SO many, I absolutely LOVE to create plans and goals and especially when it comes to my music goals. This has been a huge strength for me in the past, for example, I have written down music goals with releasing a single in mind in 2021. I released Mood to Party, and I am now on the way to releasing a seventh. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would put into place something that has created SUCH purpose in my life! It has brought excitement and I love to communicate my goals with others to show that I can have a plan full of purpose with these goals set out in my mind.

Purpose matters. It can be something we can never describe or imagine. It is unfathomable. Our minds cannot comprehend the purpose and heart of what life can offer. To reach for the stars literally means that we can do anything in life. It is not just about ‘belief’, it is having that goal in mind, planning it and acting. This I discuss more about in chapter 10 on goal setting which would help with your personal development!

Learning to enjoy life’s purpose is a journey. Filled with faith, love, joy, and peace. We are a people of destiny and prioritising goals, and things keep our minds in action. 

Purpose brings alignment to our minds, body and spirit. And having this should allow us to foster a deeper commitment to the Universe. Manifesting what is ours. To seek with all our hearts a purpose of life. We can manifest abundance, self-growth, self-development and so many other things if we know what our purpose is. 

Purpose gives us LIFE according to the universes purpose. 

I read a book called ‘Enjoy – Finding the freedom to delight in Gods good gifts by Trillian Newbell and it was a fantastic read and thoroughly enjoyed writing a book review blog on it. It is a faith-illustrative, scriptural based book on experiencing the fullness of life. I was inspired by writing this blog that I wrote the review in my book, and I felt a strong connection to the book for my book which resonated a lot with me.

Joy is something that is nurtured and developed within us. It was a therapeutic type of book. The writing style I was able to read, and I read it within about an hour online, taking quotes and paragraphs to write the blog with inspiration. She talked about gifts in which I believe is intended for our enjoyment. In which I am truly learning the fit of writing, even music!

We can experience the fullness of enjoyment as we use our gifts daily. We can and should ‘enjoy, delight and rejoice!’ I delight in painting, watercolour and oil plus music and theatre and a wide variety of activities and interests. It is nice to have that huge variety so that it keeps you busy in life. 

Enjoying things should be something we should have in our lives. I am currently taking up an interest in wanting to plant herbs, and Naturopathy (Alternative Medicine) even reading books on Neuroscience. Whatever gives you that rush of enjoyment, do it! It gives you absolutely purpose in that pleasure of actioning things you enjoy.

There must be purpose for us to make sense of the world and that we can easily fall into the snare of discontentment. It would make life very hard to live if you are not feeling content within yourself. Life was created for us to enjoy, so, do things for yourself that would TRULY make you feel that sense of JOY! Schedule a coffee date of brunch with a friend, make a beautiful wholesome meal for someone, bake a cake, this will also give you joy to serve and do things for others and leave you with satisfaction. 

I thoroughly enjoyed writing my book, Enjoying Life’s purpose, and it gave ME purpose. Someone said to me, well, Adam, my friend whom I dedicated the book to, said to me to focus on my strengths and he thinks I should focus on being an author, in which I truly do believe! As much as I want a music career. He said my writing was JUST as good as my music. And that filled me up with so much happiness.

I have learnt to enjoy the ride of life and I honestly hope you do too. Find that purpose, Find your nice and what you enjoy the most and stick to it. Get unstuck. Stagnancy ruins and stops us from achieiving our purpose in life, so I say, grab at it and life!!

Find books on purpose and enjoyment. Make a list. Write it in your notebook, and you will find so much satisfaction.

Remember the four steps to purpose.

  1. Vision
  2. Priorities
  3. Goals
  4. Action plan

I could talk more about those four things, but it is written in the book. The book will eventually be published by Austin MacAuley, and it currently in production process right now. I don’t know when it will be published, but it may possibly have success. And I plan on submitting an application to a Christian bookstore, Koorong.

I hope you enjoyed reading and if you would like to know more about my book or anything else I have written, let us know and I can create a Part Two for you!

Emmalisa Tilli

P.S. Here is the link to my podcast discussing excerpts of the book!

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