My love for Music

So, I have been wanting to come up with some fresh and NEW content for you! And something that is totally new and different. I was talking with a friend and she said, why don’t you just talk about what you enjoy the MOST! And I said, well, that is music but I didn’t know “how” to do a blog post about it. She suggested I come up with the idea that I write a post about my love for music, and that’s when I decided I will work on it for my audience. 

I decided to title the blog post “My love for Music”, because it is just that simple.

I love music.

I live and breath music. 

I grew up in a very musical home and my Dad was a worship leader for many years and was even in a non christian band The Flying Fonzarelli’s, before he went to church. Fast forward 30 plus years and he became a Radio Announcer for Triple M. He has interviewed people like Joel Quartermaine from Eskimo Joe, Samantha Jackson (Mel Gibson’s personal trainer), just to name a few!

Growing up in a house where music was played constantly, there were various genres played, from your 70’s disco sounds like ABBA, to the 80’s Madonna era to the 90’s (your early years of Mariah Carey era).

I have so many artists that I would love to share that are my favourite, it would honestly fill up probably 10 pages, but I don’t want to give you a list and bore you to death. I will write down a list of favourite artists in my next blog post just for fun!

Someone said to me the other day, along the lines of, “Music is the number one thing you want to do”. I didn’t say anything, but that person knew me well. 

I currently am working on a music project and am working on releasing a single “Mood to party” in which I wrote the lyrics and then when I went to Artisan Music in Malaga on the 8th of April 2021, the producer Patrick Carre helped me change lyrics and melodies from the collaboration I did with Bobby Gray at The Artist studio in Sydney (via Zoom videos). 

I will be going back this Wednesday on the 28th of April to finalise the song and re perform it with the new lyrics and melodies Patrick and I came up with. I am really looking forward to recording in the studio. I have a website showcasing my songs and covers that I have done and I have also showed several of my demo’s on SoundCloud. You can find it on Emmalisa Tilli Music.

It really is exciting for me, and I have never had such a wonderful project to work on. The best and most fun part is coming up with the cover artwork for the single, in which I believe I will definitely be using my creative right brain when it comes to it. I have SO many ideas, and I can’t wait to do a photo shoot for it!!!

So, it’s more than exciting and my heart wants to burst at the fact that I am ACTUALLY recording in a proper recording studio! I am looking forward to the final results, and when done it will be on Spotify for you to have a listen. I will update my website with the song and also my Facebook and Instagram page which is both “Emmalisa Tilli Music”.

Have a listen to my FIRST ever demo here. It is called “Raise it up“.

I have done several demo’s and am considering on whether to record all songs and put on an EP or an album. I love my song “LOVE” because of the rhythm and the beat. It is probably my favourite, but I chose “Mood to Party” as my first single because it was one of my favourites too. Out of all the demo’s/songs I did, it really grabbed my attention the most, and it’s a bit of a dance type song so I really hope that when it comes out, you will be able to groove to it, and find it fun!

The songs that I have done demos with are a very dance pop feel, but my first non christian song I ever wrote actually has a rock style to it. I haven’t done the music, just the words, but its a very special song to me, because I stopped writing for many years because of a busy lifestyle. As a teenager, I wrote a lot out of spirituality and from the heart. I think I stopped writing music at 19 because then and after I was working either full time or studying part time and working part time plus church activities. I won’t be giving away my first song title that I wrote because I want it to be a surprise! The song has to be a surprise! It’s going to take a long time to get the recording done, but if ABBA takes 18 months to produce a single, then it can wait too.

I have done a Singer/Songwriter course through Talent College, and I learnt about warming up your vocals and different techniques.

I also learnt about establishing your own unique brand and sound, Melody and Chords, Designing and Writing for yourself, Effective Collaborations that boost your profile and Recording your own material and presenting ideas.

My favourite part was the Goal Setting and the Vision Board. I have created a white board with “Music Goals/Plans of 2021” and at the TOP of that list is releasing mood to party as a single and that is coming TRUE!!!!

I was going to put another song as a single but it may be too much for me to dive into. I wish I could record more than one song but we have to see how I go first with doing one song for now! It has definitely kept me happy!

For now, I am just happy to be recording this one song and I will be spending four hours on it on Wednesday so that’s plenty of time for me to get it right (I think!) Last session I didn’t get to finish, but hopefully this session will be everything I dreamed of, and I can’t wait to share the single with you!

What type of music do you like to listen to?

Do you play an instrument?

I am going to collate a list of favourite artists in my next blog, and I hope you enjoyed reading about “my love for music”!


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