How to dress classy

This weekend I have put together some pieces from my wardrobe and mixed a few things together just for fun! When I am not doing anything else I like to collate inspiration from various outlets such as magazines and online fashion magazines, and I particularly love getting pieces and putting them together with something else and then VOILA! It’s a MATCH! You may have recently seen my “Parisian” style outfit, this has to be my FAVOURITE current outfit, when I realised I had a black beret from Pretty Little thing, and a skirt from PRIMARK, I was like ok what top am I going to wear with this skirt? It HAS to be white! Not too long ago I got an off the shoulder top that was from ASOS, and I got it for about $13 – $20, The skirt was a treasure that I bought in Cheshire Oaks Designer Factory Outlet in England, and it was a huge favourite that I hadn’t worn it yet!!! This by far has been my most CLASSIEST outfit that I have come up with this year…..

I have recently created an Outfits Page, so you can get updated with my wardrobe and the fashion that I am into, and the type of clothes that I adore!

I got SO excited about my “Outfits Page” that I just had to include this picture of the ‘parisian styled’ look!

You don’t have to be “RICH” to be “CLASSY let me tell you that!

and I am sure HALF the world knows that already……

When I was in England I had spending money, and I walked into the Primark department store and saw this skirt, and another top that I only got TWO clothing items. I thought this skirt was soooooo pretty, and floral and I just loved all the colours, you can see why I got it at the drop of a hat!

I am a huge floral kind of lady, and if you want to be classy, you have to find the right pieces, that you have bought previously, and then go through the rest of your wardrobe, pick out one piece of clothing, think, what will go with that?, what will match that? Is there a beautiful accessory that I have that can go with it as well? Should I wear a hat with this outfit? What kind of bag will go with it?

You have to pick on piece of clothing and just work your way around with what you already have.

Don’t go on a full on shopping spree and be like oh I need the WHOLE store just to be classy and posh! BE selective, and buy the prettiest or nicest thing there, and just 1 piece from 1 store. Stores are a trap, just like they say in Confessions of a Shopaholic, that one scene where Becky Bloodwood writes in her work report “Your store card is like a 50 per cent cashmere coat, the first time you meet it promises to be your best friend, until you look more closely and realise its not real cashmere”. You can buy a chashmere coat, and be like Oh! I have the latest designer wear, but WHERE is it from?

Always do you research, make sure that the brand is the first top hit on Google, if you can’t find the company and you want to be designerish looking then don’t spend your money on a brand or company that doesn’t have enough traction and/or top hits on Google, or doesn’t have a website at all. You have to make sure it is a brand that is well known globally, and is the talk of the town wherever you are in the world!

For example, I started following Aspinal of London on social media and they really know how to advertise, and the website is very appealing and markets towards classy sophisticated people that are in the corporate world in London especially. So of course I had to have at least 1 thing from there, and I bought a BAG!

The Aspinal of London bag will be featured on the OUTFITS PAGE. This took me YEARS to save for the ONE thing! and it is a treasure and my most treasurable thing that I have.

I think when it comes to dressing classy you have to be picky about what you get, you could just get black pants for example, then a nice top that is off the shoulder and a little bling with a retro look, add some sparkling ear rings from Lovisa, don’t worry about being expensive, just think what will go with what?

Say, you have got $200 on you, on the weekend, buy $30-50 corporate pants, then buy a $20-$30 top from Valleygirl or Supre that looks like a Cue top or from Review, you can even get cheap tops that look nice from Sportsgirl, and/or places like Tempt. Say you have only $100 buy a $20 top $70 pants and then $10 ear rings.

Classy colours are black, gold, and cream and red. I think these are the primary colours for classiness. For example my Sincere Sally dress is RED and looks classy for a cocktail party and the same with the off the shoulder Jenni black dress, it screams elegance with the slimming waist look and the frills.

You have to think what colours do I like? Find an item of that colour that is either a slimming dress or a cocktail party dress, and then you have something classy!

It takes a lot of time to find your classy niche!!! I remember as a 22 year old I was always shopping on Chapel street going into Kookai, Review, Alannah Hill and Chapel street was ENDLESS! I would work during the day and at 12 o’clock on my lunch break I would hit the streets of South Yarra!

If you want to be classy you have to network with sophisticated people, and people in the area or business that you love, for example, my two favourite ladies are The Lady Wallace – Kylie Wallace who is a TV Reporter in Sydney that I follow and Alena Kate Pettite of the Darling Academy, more on that later as I got Alena’s book Ladies like Us and I am SOOOOOO excited to share with you, I might do a BOOK REVIEW! I am VERY EXCITED!!!!!!! I have spoken to both ladies and I am INSPIRED to write about dressing classy through knowing their content and how they both dress in a sophisticated way!!!!!!

You will find Kylie Wallace at the Garden Party in ENGLAND in MAY this year…..

And Alena she wrote Ladies like Us which is a BEAUTIFUL book on which I will be sharing and writing about later on in the year!

It truly is an INSPIRING book! And has so much truth in it and she holds values and talks about emotional intelligence to beauty in the inside and covering SO many different topics it’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

There are so many ways I could talk about how to dress classy but I think it is basically SIMPLE

Choose something basic and then add a bit of PIZZ AZZ to it

Add a sparkling piece like a BANGLE or a headband or ear rings from LOVISA or have a look at Michael Hill or Angus and Coote. They have some lovely pieces and SHIELS too.

I think start with the basics and work your way up. You don’t have to have something totally OUT there. Cue has some pretty black dresses and I think when it comes to class ones you always have to have that “BLACK DRESS” I have 1 literally from an op shop that was $7! And it is the dress that I wore for the VIVA LIFE PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTO SHOOT as the girl in the red scarf just like my fictitious soul sister Becky Bloomwood.

I have a CUE black dress and it is VERY classy

Always make sure you have at least 1 black dress, 1 red dress and then go to a shop doesn’t have to be anything high designer but have a look in op shops as they do have a “designer” section as I worked there at Save the Children on SCARBOROUGH beach road in SCARBOROUGH and it was WONDERFUL volunteering and getting that retail work experience.

It was a nice experience work wise and I learnt a lot.

You will be SURPRISED with what you find!

So you don’t exactly have to be the NEXT Burberry girl or be on a Forever New advertisement just check out the closest op shop to you locally and you will be SURPRISED with what you find, trust me!

I love the fact that you can go to the medium stores like Cue and not have to spend a fortune. A dress can be minimal and add black high heels with a piece of jewellery that might be dangly and have cubic zirconia a instead of actual DIAMONDS.

You can do what you want and just HAVE FUN WITH FASHION!!!!!!!!

Emmalisa xx 💋





Here are some fashion pieces I have gotten in WESTERN AUSTRALIA I hope you get inspired FASHION WISE!!!!!!!!!!!!