Top Four Maintenance Tips For Polished Concrete Floors

Concrete floors add to the value of residential and commercial establishments alike. If properly taken care of, this flooring can last for years without the need of any repairs or replacement. However, maintaining the glossy texture, particularly seen in polished concrete floors is often considered a tedious process. Even though concrete floors can turn out to be the most durable form of flooring, yet they require proper care and maintenance in order to remain at their best condition.

Polished Concrete FloorsTo help you out, here are the top four tips to follow when you aspire to take care of the floor with the perfection.

1. Establish A Proper Maintenance Schedule

Having a well-structured maintenance schedule is of utmost importance. When doing this there are only two factors that you need to consider, and they are following:

  • The number of footfall or the traffic that the flooring receives
  • The quality of polish used to finish the concrete

A crucial aspect of this schedule is regular maintenance, which involves removal of dust, dirt, and debris that might accumulate on the surface due to frequent use. Initially, the flooring might appear in a good position but when not tackled on time then these particles would ruin the polished surface of the concrete making it lose its shine.

Besides the regular maintenance, make sure that you count on professional cleaning services at least once in a year. This will retain the same old texture and shine of the flooring and ensure that it stays the way it is for a longer period of time.

2. Use Professional Graded Products & Tools To Protect The Finish

Whenever you are cleaning polished concrete floors, make sure that you choose only pH neutral products that would not alter their quality in any way. Avoid using harsh detergents or soaps, as they are basic in nature and can dull or even scratch the polished surface. Any form of spills must be addressed at once to limit their penetration into the pores of the flooring.

Along with this, several automatic equipment can be used for the process of cleaning such as floor scrubbers are equipped with soft pads that do not cause damage to the floor. The standard options that you have include:

  • Soft beige pads are designed to prevent dulling of polished surface of the floors
  • White pads are soft and fine pads work excellently in protecting the glossy areas of the floor

Polished Flooring

3. Never Use Damaging Substances

Many things should not be exposed to polished concrete floors like adhesives, wax, and harsh chemicals. In addition to that, these floors should even avoid contact with moisture during the first three days of installation. So that, the sealants get adequate time to settle down on the floor for superior protection. This helps in enduring the shell life of the polished concrete.

4. Renew the Polishing

At last, you must renew the polishing once in every three years. So that, the shine and appeal of the floor stays the same as it was during the time of installation. To do this, you either can hire a professional or can go for DIY service. Having a professional for the job is regarded as a wise decision because they are equipped with the much-needed tools and products essential for the process. Similarly, they have years of experience in performing such tasks and are capable of providing the desired results in a short span of time.

There you have it! These are the four simple and easy maintenance tips that you can follow to keep your polished concrete floor new for years to come.

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