Enhance The Visual Appeal Of Your House With European Oak Wood Flooring

European Oak floorings are exotic in appearance, which makes them a popular choice for customers. European oaks are tough species of trees known for their strength and longevity. They are resistant to insects and fungal attack. The planks used in European oak floorings are much wider than American oak floorings. This is because oak is cut in a different manner in Europe than in America. Europeans utilize a special technique to retard the growing cycle of the oak to provide a tight grain.

European Oak Wood Flooring

Features of European Oak

  • European oak mainly comes from Germany and France. It is hard and strong beside being heavy.
  • European oak can be light or dark brown in color. It does not expand or contract significantly during fluctuations in temperature and humidity. This makes it highly beneficial for flooring.
  • European oak is also suitable for finishing. This is another beneficial feature, which makes it the excellent material for flooring.
  • European oaks are good looking trees beside being hard. These features have contributed in making them popular for flooring.
  • The European oak typically has a long length and wide width because of the presence of comparatively thin sapwood.
  • European Oak is straight grained in general. However, cross grained or straight grained oaks are also found according to growth conditions.

Beneficial Features of European Oak Wood Flooring

European Oak

  • European Oak wood flooring scores high on style and modernity. It adds value to the home than other kinds of wood floorings.
  • It is also easy to maintain the flooring in a perfectly clean condition by using just a light vacuum cleaner and mop. Houses with high foot traffic can go for European oak wood flooring because of its immense strength and durability.
  • European oak wood floorings are available in a plethora of colors in every tone such as jet white, brilliant white, white with tones of gray, etc. A large number of color options means that there is something for everyone.
  • They are also available in a multitude of finishes such as UV lacquered finish, natural brushed finish, UV oiled finish, etc. Unfinished options are also available for the customers.
  • European oak wood flooring can be installed in any room of the house such as bedroom, dining room, drawing room, bathroom, and kitchen. As we have seen earlier, that European oak is resistant to temperature fluctuations and moisture, the flooring made using it can be used in kitchen and bathroom, as well.
  • European oak wood flooring is not hard in the pocket. Grading of woods is done, as they are lumbered. The premium grade is the prime grade while the lowest grade is the rustic grade. Rustic grade European oaks are beautiful and durable flooring options. Thus, people with the limited budget can go for rustic grade European oak flooring without compromising significantly on quality. Many companies are offering affordable rates per square meter for European oak wood floorings, which is good news for the customers.

European oak wood flooring can be re-sanded and refinished, as it starts to look dull. This makes it look new. Finally, European oak wood flooring can be installed over underfloor heating.

Oak Flooring


Golden Oak- Golden Oak flooring is suitable for both traditional and modern homes because of its natural and neutral nature. It looks perfect with all kinds of furniture, as well as with wallpapered, white, or multicolored walls. 

Smoked Oak- Light and darkly smoked flooring options are available for the customers. These flooring options impart charm and a classic look to the house.

Other options include white washed gray, black brushed, and wire brushed white European oak wood floorings.


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