Quick Devotion on “How to be Still”


Trust can be an impenetrable thing. We like to be in control of everything ourselves, some of us more than others, “Being still” before God means that we quiet our anxious thoughts, we put our phones down, we eliminate all distractions, we get alone with God and we pray. We wait. We trust. It’s an act of relinquishing and consecrating all to God control of our lives. When you give your life to Him, He takes care of every detail. This is something that I am learning constantly, and still learning to do when I feel I can’t trust anyone or anything else that is going on.

Waiting on God means we don’t rush ahead and do things our way. I am learning in this area particularly, because my head and heart want to burst and go to London/Europe  but I am in that ‘waiting period’ when it comes to finance, and getting things organised for that. (There is sooooooooo much I want to do! Study in England, learn more words like anthropomorphism and agnosticism, don’t know what they mean? That is okay, life is a process of learning, and all I want to do is learn more and more and more. English Language is so immeasurable, expansive and huge!!!)

This is when we don’t decide that our plans are better than His. When we feel the anxiety, worry, or impatience sneak into our minds and hearts, that’s an indication that we are to leave it be, and ask for His peace in the waiting.

Whether you’re waiting for God to answer a prayer, give you guidance, to open doors of opportunity, or whatever it may be. One thing I am sure of is God’s timing and our own timing are usually way different!


God sees the whole picture when we can only see the minor. The One who created the stars and seas and even our own bodies, has planned out good works for all those who love Him.

Even in the waiting. When it seems painstaking to pray the same prayer again and again. Know that He is working all things together. He is calling us to trust and know that He alone is God. Trust in Him, commit your way to Him, and He will act. (vs. 5) Rest assured, He’s never inactive. God is moving and ever present in our lives.

“When it seems painstaking to pray … Know that He is working all things together.”

Spend some time asking God to help you wait on Him. Entrust your life, your plans, and your timeline to His will. And don’t forget to thank Him in advance for his wise and perfect plan in and FOR your life.

Additional reading: Isaiah 55:8-9, Romans 8:28


“Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him…” Psalm 37:7a



2 thoughts on “Quick Devotion on “How to be Still”

  1. I’m particularly really into devotions at the moment, there is a book I am currently reading that I am thinking I want to do a blog post on. “The remarkable women of the bible” by Elizabeth George. It really is what I needed at the moment,…. one remarkable woman of the bible was Sarah, leaving her hometown, the rich land of Ur for Canaan, and then by the time she settled down there she had to move again….. this is sooooo me at the moment!!!! Lol!!!!! I will put it in the post. I’ve got so many ideas for this one. I don’t know whether to divide blog posts of each woman or just do a whole blog post on the whole book! I’m stumped! But looking forward to working on this one. X


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