Victorian-Styled Interior Design & Imbue Your Home with Timeless Elegance


With the hectic nature of modern everyday life making a negative, burdening impact on our senses, influencing our personal taste in design with futuristic, cold and depersonalized settings all around, it becomes important to trace back our roots and re-establish a personal connection with elegance.

Surrounding your personal space with timeless historic décor will allow you to have a retreat from the dreary reality of the outside world in the warm, welcoming arms of sophistication. The rich, enchanting and intimate flair of the Victorian Era creates a perfect interior that promotes positivity, creativity, peace and most importantly, your inner serenity.

Ladies, it is time to go all Victorian on your house!

Allow positivity to flow with colours

The colour scheme you pick for each of the rooms will serve as a strong base in creating a serene, yet inspiring ambiance. The colour scheme you pick for each of the rooms will serve as a strong base in creating a serene, yet inspiring ambiance.

Fortunately, unlike classic, baroque, or even popular modern designs, the Victorian style is characterized by pale, illuminating as well as intimate hues that allow plenty of natural light to penetrate the room.

Bright aqua blue goes wonderfully with the elegant furniture in the bedroom, making it a true oasis. Pale beige can spark positivity and productivity in the kitchen, especially in the early morning hours, while also having a soothing note in the evening. However, if you want to add a touch of playful yet intricate note in any room, go for ruby.

The more traditional colour schemes of the Victorian Era are equally gorgeous, soothing and daring. So, depending on your personal taste, you can choose from Eau de Nil or intimate Crimson and Mild Brunswick Green all the way to a late Victorian period characterized by Telmagenta, Venetian Red, Light Stone and Verdigris Green.

The possibilities are numerous, and all of the Victorian colour schemes are aimed at portraying a touch of elegance and a sense of timeless charm.

Historic and elegant furniture

Furniture plays a key role in creating a true Victorian, Rococo revival setting. It needs to be both comfortable and versatile in design, reminiscent of the tasteful Victorian style and synonymous with the symbolic status.

Additionally, and contrary to old Baroque furniture, Victorian and Rococo furniture can be moved around easily and complemented with the décor of other rooms.

The furniture at Rococo Decor is a wonderful example of the style of this period, as well as the artisanship the old masters brought into their craft.

Antique writing desks, sideboards and armoires, exquisite mirror coffee tables, all the way to artistic chaise lounges, wing chairs and elegant bed designs, all of these furniture pieces create a perfect symbiosis of style and functionality.

Contrasting pieces, such as a lounge chair in a kitchen corner or a mahogany desk next to the TV station, are great at breaking the monotony of any room, as well.

The Victorian and Rococo styles work hand in hand with modern amenities such as the TV in the living room or the fridge in the kitchen. In fact, the elegant furniture will effectively mask the noise that modern-day necessities create with their de-personalized, futuristic appearance.

Lavish accessories and decorative features

During the Victorian Era, decorative features as well as accessories and furniture were prominent elements in every indoor setting in order to attain a complete, elegant look. You want to complement your new interior redesign with distinctive Victorian homeware, such as crockery, rugs, lamps and mirrors as well as picture frames along with soft furnishings.

A Mickey Mouse bedding doesn’t really complement a Rococo revival bed design, does it? That is why you should strive for a unified look that is complementary in style, texture and quality, so authentic curtains, throws and cushions should be your best friends.

And don’t worry, the Victorian style is designed to appear lavish and expensive, but modern craftsmanship has made it easily accessible for any individual, so you don’t have to be afraid of looking at the price tag. Remember, one piece at a time, and your very own Victorian puzzle will be complete in no time!

Don’t forget the garden

Lastly, you don’t want your backyard to differ from the unique style you worked so hard to create. The Victorian style is all about symmetry and balance, and your backyard can by no means feature an untidy or cluttered garden.

First, you want to weed out all of the plants and shrubbery that add to the chaos, and plant complementary flower hues strategically around the backyard in order to create a specific shape.

You will be able to easily create a private oasis encircled with beautiful greenery and colourful plants – a perfect setting for an outdoor Victorian lounge area with a table, a chaise lounge and a few armchairs.

Sounds beautiful, doesn’t it?

Hopefully, these inspiring words have managed to paint you a vivid picture of the style and flair your home can have with just a dash of imagination.

The timeless Victorian charm truly has its place in every home, and can elevate every ambiance to a completely new level of intimacy, positivity and elegance.

Ladies, it is time you took a step back in time towards finding your inner peace and standing in defiance of the faceless reality of the modern world.

Be bold and brave enough to express your inner flair and beauty!

Arron Hiddleston

I am an interior design blogger with three years of experience covering home improvement and garden renovation. I love sharing meaningful content that educates and inspires people. I’m a regular contributor to

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