A Lady of Quality

I felt inspired to do a similar post to one of my favourite and first blogs that I have ever done. It was “How to be a lady”, and I was so proud of that work along with notes from a course I did online with TheEcourse.com

I collated a lot of research, and eloquent pieces of writing that exemplified what a lady is, how to live gracefully, and etiquette tips, etc that I get overwhelmed by the mass of information that we have on the internet. I love following women who call themselves “The Lady Blog” or “Lady such and such” – it gives it just the right touch, doesn’t it?


There is actually a well renowned novel written by Frances Hodgsen Burnett called “A Lady of Quality” published in 1896 which is now on my reading list after googling those words, and you can read it for free on ReadCentral. Skimming through the chapters it looks like my type of writing style that I like to read. I would like to reference from it.

“She could mend lace cleverly and arrange riband-knots with taste, and even change the fashion of a gown.”

It is very refining and cultivating. I would particularly love to improve my english language referring to book quotes like this. I don’t remember much from high-school, but I did receive a certificate for English which I feel quite proud about! Polishing on your language is what can give you that cultivated and sophisticated look. Which is what we want, right girls? I want to continue to fine tune myself, and I feel sometimes like I am not eloquent enough, but its a long process, I guess. There is nothing wrong with wanting to sharpen up your language.

Also one that I am keen on is “Lady of Quality” by Georgette Heyer. I love 17th-19th century pieces of literature, there is just something eloquent about it, although we live in a generation where we abbreviate everything with ‘tomoz’ instead of ‘tomorrow’, and ‘soz’ for ‘sorry’!


lady of quality manuscript title

I love the idea of living in a setting where everything is just magical, and stepping into a Pride and Prejudice scene, like in my favourite series “Lost in Austen” where the main character becomes Elizabeth Bennet herself! I absolutely loved this series, and the character learns a lot along the way of how it is to live in a period home, a place of the past, and what it was like in that time period.

Like I have said, I collect books. Numbers of them. I literally am piled up from floor to half the wall (not ceiling, although I wish!) Being a bibliophile I am totally not ashamed, and am still getting through ones I have mentioned previously. I am working on another list to share with you in my next piece. I was meant to show you my work with Taylor Magazine but they have not yet published on their website, which as soon as I find out, I will post posthaste.

A quality or characteristic of a person is the MAIN THING.

You can be exceptional, experienced and extroverted.

Or, persistent, pleasant and personable.

There are many attributes that you can have. The list goes on.

You could be intellectual, insightful, innovative and imaginative.

Effective qualities like these can lead to a bright future for you.

I ask.

Write down a list of qualities that you believe you have.

It will really help you.

What defines you? What is your personality trait/s like? Your personality really starts with YOU.

I personally love the word, honesty. It is an admirable quality. And my most favourite is compassion. There are lots of words to make up that one word such as charity, humanitarianism, kindness, philanthropy, generosity, altruism, magnanimity – these are a few of my favourite words.

Being positive and totally upbeat around people influences them, so if you want a personality that shines, these qualities are definitely what is needed if you want to be that upbeat, bubbly, friendly type of person. Understanding personality traits (especially ones that you want) will lead you to a life of self – discovery. I have learnt a lot the past few years about what it takes to have a personality that continues to grow through lives lessons. I particularly love reading books, or just even quotes that spiritually assist your mind with positive affirmations, and not just repetitive ‘chants’, but digging deeper into thought patterns that renew, and open your mind to conversations full of quality. I particularly loved reading “Thrive” by Arianna Huffington which I may do a single post on, it was that good. It is a ‘girl-boss’ kind of read. I think I will do a whole post on it while switching through my library studies. The course has kept me busy which I hardly get the time to post blog posts, but I am honestly so proud of my new favourite, How to be like Kate in a Kardashian World, and I highly enjoyed myself at Peninsula Tea Gardens where I posted in “Treasures at Tranby House“.

Treasured moments at tranby house

So, to quickly finish off, I hope you get to read about my time at the Tea Garden, it was most spectacular, and next week I will be going to Claremont for either shopping or a spot of tea! I just cannot wait for 2018 – I am bursting and running out of patience to step on English soil…….. and dine at somewhere like the Ritz or Fortnum and Mason.

Lastly, You could be a lady of MANY amazing and dazzling qualities, and not just ‘a lady of quality’.



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