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I couldn’t help but share my new bag collection…… okay, well, I’ve had it for about a month, but I love the theme, the idea of a 3 in 1 bag, large, medium and small items that are so handy! For a nice evening Occassion I can just take out the third one, and everyday I can use all of them! I am so impressed with my set, and I completely love my collection.

I got it from a vintage shop in Westfield Whitford City Shopping Mall with 30 percent OFF  and it was the last one, so I HAD to have them! I have to apologise because I can not remember the name of the actual store.When I find out I will update this page with the information. I felt desperate for a nice London Bag! It was a desperately needed item! Haha and Just more to add to my “London theme collection”!

I got a beautiful gift most recently, that I will absolutely treasure forever. A friend recently went to England and came back with a set of 30 postcards from the Buckingham Palace Shop or it may have been at Windsor Castle! It is a set of classically printed black and white cards of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and I was astonished and quite awe-struck by the lovely gift. I am not sure what I am going to do with them, I have sent two postcards already to some pen pals, but I would love to create a collage/board with all of them on it.

You can buy the postcards at the Royal Collection Shop website here for ten pounds which is only 16 dollars in Australian currency, although delivery may be expensive, it normally depends on what item you buy.

These are a few of my favourite ones! Just completely stunning…….

and isn’t this one just gorgeous…???

As another gift I received a Royal Albert 1960 Golden Roses 🌹 mug to celebrate their 100 year anniversary. This piece of fine bone china is so exceptionally elegant, and pretty with the pink and gold rose flower pattern and trimmed with a gold rim. You can also look at getting the Tableware set.

If you haven’t already I highly recommend for you to try out the fantastic desserts at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant in Perth, Australia, which is called Jamie’s Italian. It is on 140 William street, and I had honeycomb and mixed berries 🍓 sauce with Vanilla ice-cream. It was just perfect! 👌 To make a booking call them on 9363 8600. The menu looked fabulous! and I would definitely go again. My friend had a lemon cheesecake which you can see in the background, I am having that NEXT time!!!!!

It was totally delicious!!! 😋

And of course, a skinny weak latte’ is my preference.

Dipping into more luxury

Apartment vibes…. Unfortunately there is no double staircase and a grand piano, but just enough comfort to type away on my laptop and read, and listen to music, and do whatever the heck I like to do, but it still is sumptuously lavish in its own way!

Yum, yum! Crabtree and Evelyn is one of my favourite stores world – wide.

At the moment you can win a Irirkiki Island Resort and Spa all inclusive trip for two, 7 nights accommodation, meals, drinks and a spa voucher all valued up to $16,000.

You simply have to make a purchase at any Crabtree and Evelyn store or online before Tuesday 28th March 2017, and complete the form.

I especially like the Earl Grey Tea and Biscuit Set – This week I will be making sure I buy something from the website, just to get a run into the competition!



I am sooo excited! Tonight I am going to Event Cinemas in Innaloo and seeing “Their Finest”. It is a British romantic comedy based on the 2009 novel “Their Finest Hour and a half” by Lissa Evans, and also based in the year 1940 in London and is about a script-writer  that gets noticed by another script-writer, and they work on a film while bombs are dropping all around them. It is set during World War II, and I flipping can not wait!!!! I am delighted to go with a friend. If you want to know more about it check more information on Wikipedia. The main character is Gemma Arteton, and she also played Elizabeth Bennet in the ITV series, Lost in Austen, one of my absolute favourite series. Also, I particularly liked this article by The Daily Mail while they were filming it in 2015.

Click here to see the trailer on YouTube.

I just need to book an appointment with a Beauty Spa with an aromatherapy massage, and then I’m all set! With freshly towel-dried hair, I am ready to relax, and have a bit of a read of “Shopaholic takes Manhattan”. I am really in the mood for some light hearted chick lit!



I have an idea! To do a post on the film tonight. If all go’s to plan, I may do a whole post on it. Also, I am thinking of doing a post that can co-exist with this one, of luxurious products. I honestly haven’t been shopping as much as I wish I could, but next week I may hit the city once again! You can’t have a ‘luxurious lifestyle’ without the best body products! I have mentioned the pomegranate body lotion that Crabtree and Evelyn sell, but I would love to do a bit more of a shop at David Jones, and possibly get the Pomegranate Noir Body Creme by Jo Malone.  Now that sounds like heaven! It has raspberry and plum, plus pink pepper (doesn’t that sound lavish?) and casablanca lily and spice woods. I would love to get the Peony and Blush Suede Shower gel, because that just sounds absolutely DIVINE, and then the English Pear and Fresia Bath Oil. Maybe one day I can do a whole product review of Jo Malone post! I totes wish! I just want to go on a Jo Malone splurge…. Don’t forget to check out this Vitamin E Body Treatment Scrub – it is $45 – something new added to my list. Now that would be ‘luxurious’.

I’m already eyeing a Kate Spade Lily New York Lily Ave Carrigan Scallop Tote bag that is completely stylish! It’s in black, and I NEED a new black bag. Can need fall into the same category as “WANT”?

Also, if I find any new lipsticks, I will definitely share.



6 thoughts on “Luxurious Lifestyle

  1. What a fabulous blog post…I love anything to do with London, so this theme was right up my street! Love your bags – they are very you. x x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaaww thanks darling! I was a bit unsure when I published because I have been wanting to add more words lately and a few back I did 3000 words so I was pleased! I kept feeling like I had to add more! But can always do another post! Thanks for the feedback too!!!! Xxxx


  2. I love this post!! My new blog post is on my blog! Oh, and I might be going back to wordpress. It seems some of my friends who have a wordpress blog aren’t receiving notifications and I am getting frustrated with my blogger.


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