Feminine Fashionista 

So, to begin with, I don’t know if I would call myself a “Fashionista”, but if it is defined as a ‘devoted follower of fashion’ then, yes,  I am well on my way to being one. In Melbourne, I went to the L’Oreal Fashion Week almost every September, and loved it……

The VAMFF is a world wide event that has girls from all over the globe attending. And we all know, Melbourne is THE fashion capital of Australia – hence, one reason why I miss that city so much!

This year it is in March and to book your tickets, go to their Events page where you can also see Fashion Weekend Runway showcasing their Autumn/Winter collection looking at the best designer brands and you can watch runway shows by your favourite designers and be the first to discover the trends of the season.

That is if you’re in Melbourne, of course!

Featuring some of these designs:

Anna Hoffman


Et Al

Isobel Rose


There will be a lot of different runways, from gala to premium, and Vogue will be presenting the glamorous collections on the runway and Priceline Pharmacy is supporting the runway too. There are literally sooo many to choose from, and I am particularly interested in the Virgin Australia Grand Showcase celebrating Australia’s globally recognised designers.
Moving on, ……

Recently I bought a Zara top which is totally feminine! It’s lace sleeves leave you feeling feminine and it was such a great buy! I believe it was only about $15 on SALE, but I wanted to share it along with my favourite current dress that I have been dying to share with you for a little while now.

This is me being totally organised! I have a journal where I have learnt to start bullet pointing things to do, and every project, I write down all the things I need to do to get done, to efficiently work well on it, and have it all there in front of me, so I can take the journal to the library, coffee shop, or elsewhere and work on what I love to do!

What I find to be entirely feminine is this “Long sleeve lace dress” from YesStyle.

It is the replica of Kate Middleton’s white lace $3,450 Dolce and Gabbana dress she wore at the Ascot Races in July, 2016.

For me, this is a sensational dress I can wear to a nice occasion, or somewhere a bit more formal. I love it so much I could wear it anywhere, but it has its place to be at a event or wedding and such. I am utterly in love with this feminine dress.

So, I just got my haircut done at New Look Hair Salon, and asked for a style similar to Kate Middleton’s long bob that she had a little while ago. I was so wrapt with the outcome and results were amazing!!!!!! I literally felt like Kate Middleton after it was finished!

I felt like stepping out in style and elegance with my hair done, plus the dress and so I grabbed a coffee (of course) and chilled outside of Sambos, in Scarborough for awhile.

A couple of days ago I spent afternoon lunch at Maison Saint Honore’ in Caversham. A delightful time! Pictures are on my Instagram, but I will post a few that aren’t there for fun! I highly recommend this restaurant. The best drink I have ever had is Pomegranate Lemonade! We had a $20 platter and then I tried the macaron sandwich, cream and caramel chocolate ice cream 🍨 yum is all I can say!

We then took a drive to the Margaret River Chocolate Company Shop in West Swan, Swan Valley, which had loads of different chocolate items you can buy!

Temptation is everywhere!!!!!

There was another shop, Providore, that I had a look at that had chocolate liqueur tasting, plus a lot of goodies that you can buy.

I particularly loved this item. When you’re there you just want to buy everything! I am a huge “chocoholic”!  🍫 and coffee person! ☕️

So, that’s a few items that are on stock at Providore. You can also do jam tasting.

To finish off my Saturday, all I love to do is read, and you know me – as per my Tagline I love English Historical Fiction and I must say, this book, The Lost Heiress is such a stunning, gorgeous, very English type of read and highly recommend it!

Plus, a bit of Vogue! Also, I must say I am totally addicted to the TV Show “Made in Chelsea”. It is my current obsession, and I also love following Rosie Fortescue and Millie MacIntosh‘s blogs. I am only up to Season 4, but because I bought the whole DVD series I am taking my time!!!!

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend so far……


Exquisite Emmalisa

4 thoughts on “Feminine Fashionista 

  1. What a stunning dress Emmalisa! It looks beautiful 🙂
    Those chocolates and sweets look absolutely delicious! I visited the Margaret River chocolate factory a few years ago when I was visiting WA and bought lots of chocolates!

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