Staying true to yourself

I have recently been thinking a lot about what and how young girls think and do and act to fit in a world of boys, friendship, and closeness of peers.

I don’t know everything that goes on in the world, because I lived a pretty sheltered life myself, but I have a heart to reach out to girls that go through either cyber-bullying, peer pressure, and fights that go on in a circle of friends.

I like to stick to basics, and sticking to basics is the best way to go if you want to lead a simple, care – free life.

My top priority in staying true to myself is to:


  • Be a lady of quality


Quality means “a degree in the excellence of something”

As a lady myself, I want to strive for excellency. Not to BE excellent, but to uphold class and character in what I do., and have an outstanding feature or quality in my heart, or outwardly.

This is what you should strive for, whether in your school, work or at home. I believe if you want to stay true to BEING YOU, create a heart filled with lady-like qualities such as in being gracious, thoughtful, and intelligent, kind and poised.



There are so many qualities that a woman can have, but as a “lady” you need to obtain certain qualities such as self-assurance, and self-confidence to make yourself SHINE.


  • Uphold characteristics of a classy lady


Characteristics that empower you to be a proper lady, is things like “etiquette”, self-respect, self-nurture, dignity, and confidence.




Use your manners wherever you go

Be careful of your language. How you present yourself, and the way you speak clearly defines who you are. A classy lady speaks confidently to others.

Dress tastefully– (dressing appropriately)

Consideration – Being considerate of those around you, whether in a social gathering, or one on one, putting others first is a genuine, and unique characteristic that a lot of people do find hard to have, because we are such a NOW generation. We want everything now, we have to be first in line, or get a food on time. Consideration goes a long way, and it definitely shows whether in a restaurant or in a social outlet.


  • Being a lady of respectability


Having a reputation where you respect the people around you really does shine and shows your heart, and where you stand. Having a outwardly self-respectable attitude really does shine as well.

I try my best to speak with integrity and intelligency (the ability to learn or understand things, or deal with new or difficult situations).

When you speak with intelligency you open up a whole new demographic, and can be an inspiring conversationalist. When I lived in Melbourne – I don’t know what I did, but I opened up my social abilities, and created many friends.

Treating people with great respect is the best thing you can do, because they won’t forget it, and will label you as a lady of a respectable reputation.

So, three things to go by is:


  • Be a lady of “quality”
  • Uphold characterisitics of a classy lady
  • Be a lady of respectability


Some great articles you can read are:

23 characteristics of a Classy Lady


 7 keys to becoming a classy woman

Stick to who YOU ARE, and no one else.

If you’re a blogger as well, stick to your own style of writing, don’t try to be like the girl that has 3 million hits, or the girl that shows off her cleavage.

You just be you.


 Exquisite Emmalisa


5 thoughts on “Staying true to yourself

    1. Aaawwww you are SO sweet!!!!! I do my best and want to gain more knowledge in the area….. I would love to be an image consultant or a lady leading in etiquette expert! Haha! Much love…… I still can’t wait to see you in Sydney or let me know if you are EVER in Perth!!!!!!!!


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