Coveting Chanel



This scarf is everything. The bag? Different

I am having withdrawal symptoms not having a high fashion designer label in Merriden to go to. 

In Melbourne, I loved just walking into Louis Vuitton or Chanel and having a look, even if I didn’t have the money! Melbourne streets are my love. 😍😍😍

What designer labels do you covet? 

I can not WAIT for the day I go to London and roam the streets and walk into Harrods!!!!!! I owned a Harrods bag a little while ago but the straps of the bag ripped off and yes, I was so disappointed!! It happened on the plane on the way to Canberra. At the time, I didn’t realise how high class the bag was! Mum bought it for me when she was overseas, so now, when I go, I will save up for the perfect bag.

There is this Classic Flap Bag that I’m coveting……. And it’s…… “Different”

Printed Lambskin in blue, white and black. 

It would go with Autumn outfits and Spring outfits. Luckily, there is now a Chanel app that you can download, so download it on the App Store and shop like mad!!!!! 

I am also coveting this grained calf skinned light beige flap bag


It is just gorgeous and anything  with the Chanel signature, I covet!! ❤️

It sounds like a bad word, but when it comes to fashion, it doesn’t!!!!!

Is there a bag you want? 

Have you had your eye on anything whilst shopping lately? 


Exquisite Emmalisa