Wonderful Wisteria Bed & Breakfast

Wow!!!! What a sight!!!!!! Driving from the Narambeen Roadhouse to a little town called Kulin, I saw the most amazing sunset!!!!! As the sun went down, and rays of light shun through the clouds, it was the most remarkable thing I had ever seen!!!!

When arriving in Kulin I didn’t know what to expect. I just wanted somewhere to crash for the night! But with anything my Mum organises it is impeccable. Mum always has such splendid taste. I walked up a ramp, onto the porch and as I started walking through the Wisteria House Bed & Breakfast I felt like I was at our house in Melbourne!! With floorboards, and mahogany sideboard tables it had a Victorian feel, and I felt right at home. 


 Towards the end of the house, the owner greeted us, and the kitchen was massive!!! She showed us to our rooms, and it was a cute little area. I got the walk in wardrobe basically, because she didn’t know I was coming! Haha!! But I don’t mind where I sleep as long as I GET sleep!!! I unpacked some of my belongings and made myself feel at home….. 


Making myself feel RIGHT at home!!! 


Don’t mind if I start reading Australia’s “Women’s Weekly“! If you go to the website they have an up to date article about Prince George meeting Barack Obama while in his PJ’s!!! This tiny 3 year old has bought cuteness overload the world over!!!! 

I flick straight through to the cover story, “What Australia thinks about the monarchy”….. Of course…… 

Interestingly, 43% of women want to keep the Queen. Did I say? I received a letter from her lady – in – waiting? Aheemm – Pardon me, if I have repeated myself!!!!


Well, off to an event tonight! A theatre production called “And Mama said” based in Kulin in the 1900’s and most of all I hope to enjoy myself! 

As I’m flicking through the magazine I am wishing I can pamper myself with this NEW Hydrating Facial Masque!!!! Looks heavenly….. 😍😍😍 and I LOVE Sukin products…… 


Exquisite Emmalisa