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So far my favourite blog that I have done is the one, How to be a lady. The word “lady” is a civil term of respect for a woman…. and being a lady can be seen as a formal thing. I believe a “woman” and a “lady” can both be perceived as two very different things. Some women don’t know “how” TO BE a lady and need to learn to refine themselves in etiquette, culture, hobbies, and even in speaking in general. Take up something in the arts, or study something that sparks your interest!!!! For example, I am interested in a course Bachelor of Arts (Ancient History) as I am completely intrigued by Roman times and biblical history and so on and so forth…. Who’s to know if I ever do DO it but I know that I DO have an interest in something!!!!!


A lady knows that beauty & wealth can be fleeting, but her inner character is the measure by which others will ultimately judge her as a person ❤

This quote says enough!! What’s on the inside of you will eventually come out on the outside of you. Your character and How you feel about yourself can play a major role as a woman and self esteem and worth bring out confidence in a woman. If you don’t feel that crash hot one day and blurt out something to someone you really didn’t mean to, then apologise with them alone, There is no need to tell them your life story, just a quick apology is always bound to make a lasting impression to that person and can also further develop that friendship.


One magazine that I WISH I had, is “The Lady”….. It is found on http://www.lady.co.uk. I particularly want to find the one below with Julie Andrews on the cover!!


I decided to google the word “lady” to see what images it would come up with and to my surprise the majority of it all was of Lady GAGA!!!!! I suppose it is because she is known as the most popular lady in the modern world, but Everybody does have their own opinion, but if promiscuity and profanity are in their vocabulary or language they are NOT a lady!!!!

Etiquette refines a woman. When she speaks with such elegance and grace she is then known to be a lady.


Etiquette, otherwise known as good manners, should be used when dining out or going out wherever in the world!! One thing to make sure is to put your attention to the people and NOT the food!!! People like to be heard especially and when looking down at your food it shows that you’re not interested in the conversation. Consider the below definition:


According to this, if you want to get far in society, using your manners goes a LONG way!!!! Using etiquette is character building, and will help refine and shape your qualities of being a lady. I want to learn so much in this area, and want to further myself as a lady / individual. Having books on the subject is a bonus, as I have mentioned before but it’s the hard work when actually putting it into practice!!!!! I know we all make mistakes and have our faults, but if we work that extra hard then it will be rewarding in the end. Etiquette is such a broad subject and there are numerous books on it, but you can read something and not put it into practice. Read the blog on How to be a lady for some book suggestions.

I am dying to buy The Art of the Social Graces: includes section on Victorian afternoon tea by Bernadette Petrotta. It offers knowledge on basic social skills and helps you in the social and business world!!!! There is an actual Polite Society School!! Wish I could attend that!!!!! Don’t forget that we talked about listening skills…… A lady should definitely have that quality!

Social graces is something to definitely have and things like having your headphones in your ear when at an important meeting is a no-no! Or slurping your tea when at a function. I have to say, sometimes I can’t help but slurp, but noises like that can be off putting to others. See! I’m learning every day! My desire is to continue learning on the subject and to keep on blogging about it! Anything to do with lady like subjects is a GO TO for me! Social media etiquette is another thing as well, so maybe I will hone in on that next time!! Read the quote below, that can be something for you to ponder on this week when out and about!!


Exquisite Emmalisa


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