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It’s Monday. I sleep in, but the day isn’t over yet! I go for a ride with Mum and to my delight there is a box / package for me! I have been talking and collaborating with Arbonne’s very own Independent Consultant, Angelica Guttierrez in California. She just had a conference (retreat training) in Los Angelos, and it all sounds very exciting, and full of fun! Click HERE to view her profile. She talks about why she is so passionate about Arbonne and tells a little about herself. I think it is MORE than awesome to talk about why you are so passionate about certain things, and she is passionate about others having a healthy and exceptional lifestyle.

After I buy my Royal Life magazine, I head home to treat myself with these wonderful products I have received. I pop the kettle on, and to my amazement there is “Herbal Tea” in the package already!!!



There is also a Herbal “DETOX” tea which is a dietary supplement that you can find on the Arbonne website under the Nutrition tab. The tea is made from milk thistle and will cleanse/detox your liver and kidneys. It is a part of their 30 Days to Healthy Living Program. It also has peppermint and dandelion in it which is purely botanical.






The first thing I try is the Seasource Detox Spa – Sea mud face and body mask. I only put it on my face, and will try it on my body next time. It just glides on, and as I am typing, I can feel it tightening, and it feels wonderful on the skin. You can tell it is full of sea minerals, as it has a light feel and smells sea-like. Two more minutes and then I shall rinse it off, It feels like it is getting tighter, and more clay like now. I take a sip of my Arbonne Essentials herbal tea, which is caffeine free, and it makes me feel relaxed. I go to the bathroom to wash off the mud mask, and oh my goodness!!! As it comes off I feel my skin is SOOO soft!!! My skin has actually not felt this soft in a while!!!! I kid you not, this is the best mud mask I have tried, as it was easy to apply, is light but a thick paste.


Arbonne Mud Mask Review Vanity Fairest


A MUD MASK is definitely worth it, and will leave you feeling clean, as it refines your pores.

And OMG – I step into the shower and put on the Foaming Sea Salt Scrub. I have never felt such a luxurious shower product in all my life!!!! You can feel the beads working on your skin, and you are meant to squeeze just a generous amount of it onto palms and briskly massage all over your body. I mainly did my chest, and arms just while trying the product and all I can say is, this is an AMAZING product. For a luxurious at home spa product, this is the way to go! It is full of citrus oil and you can smell it while putting it on!!! It smells heavenly and divine!!! and very tropical….


The next step is trying the Re-Mineralizing Body Lotion 24H. After a bath or shower, you massage the lotion onto your body and the sea algae extract does the work!!!!

And apparently it also exfoliates the skin as well as moisturising it!!! It is a light cream, and smells superb! You definitely feel like you have had a SPA treatment after using all these products. Remember, The MUD mask is also for the BODY, so it will leave you feeling refreshed, and ready to take on life!!!



There are other products to try in the Sea Source Detox Spa range, such as the Essential Massage Oil, Renewing Body Gelee, and Purifying Sea Soak. Always check with your Local Independent Consultant about products before buying online. Avoid buying from Ebay or Amazon, and such websites as consultants can get into trouble for doing so.



These products will beautify and cleanse your body, and will help with your mind, health and body if you are the working class woman and stressed type!!!!

If you want to get in touch with Angelica, here is her email: and she can assist you with any of the products mentioned!!! I want to give her a BIG thank you for setting me up as a Preferred Client, and sending me these products to try. Send her an email and she will definitely look after you.


Well, I shall go back to my reading and tea….. I hope you enjoy looking at all the products!!!! My favourite is the Mud Mask for sure!!!! Oooohh but I DO love the sea salt scrub….!!!! Guess I’m just a beauty product junkie after all!!!!


Thankyou for taking the time to read this and I hope you get to try these products. If you want to buy, click on Angelica’s website or email her exactly what it is you want and she will take it on from there. They are purely heaven!!! Don’t forget these products are botanical based, so the minerals used are MORE than good for your skin!!! You can also read about their ingredient philosophy right here.


Exquisite Emmalisa

Have you ever tried a Mud Mask before?

When was the last time you pampered yourself?

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