My Book Collection



I want to share with you a collection of my favourite books and ones that I am reading this year!!! One of my goals or New Years resolution is to read more.

As mentioned in one of my first few blogs, my favourite book so far is:

1. The Governess of Highland Hall – Carrie Turansky

It is a novel about a lady Julia who leaves India doing missionary work to go to England to be a governess to the Ramsey children at Highland Hall in Berkshire. William Ramsey is a widowed father and he and Julia fall in love which reminds me a lot of The Sound of Music!!!!

I recommend to all women this novel, if you like the series Downton Abbey, THIS you will love!!!

You can also get it on your Kindle for $8.91 or you can buy it on Carrie Turanksy’s website. 


The second book in the series is “The Daughter of Highland Hall” which wasn’t as good as the first one in my own honest opinion, but I am currently reading the third book to it in the Edwardian Bride Series, A Refuge at Highland Hall which is about the character, Penny and her friendship with a British pilot, Alex.


I love sharing my selection of novels on my Instagram page!

I have borrowed some books from the library on London in the Victorian Era and the 18th century. I am fascinated by this sort of thing and history especially.

2. Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte

This I read when I was a young teenager, but am adding to this years reading again. To some people it may seem either verbose or too wordy, but I was able to get through it at a young age, and some may think its dry, but from what I remember I absolutely loved it!

3. Shopaholic to the rescue – Sophie Kinsella

This is for some light reading where Becky Bloomwood goes to Las Vegas to find out what happened to her father!!!


Reading List 2016

1. Longbourn – Jo Baker
2 Masquerade – Nancy Moser
3. A Heart most worthy – Siri Mitchell
4. Persuasion – Jane Austen
5. Cotillion – Georgette Heyer
6. Sylvester – Georgette Heyer
7. Venetia – Georgette Heyer
8. The Garden Party – Katherine Mansfield
9. North and South – Elizabeth Gaskell
10. When Jesus wept – Bodi and Brock Thoene
11. Those Faraday Girls – Monica McInerney
12. Madam Bovary – Gustave Flaubert
13. Hettie of Hope Street – Annie Groves
14. Let the little children come – Lois Hoadley Dick
15. Back to St. Clare’s – Enid Blyton
16. For love of Lily – Maggie Bennett
17. Victorian London – Liza Picard
18. London in the 18th Century – Jerry White
19. Elizabeth the Queen – Sally Bedell Smith
20. The Mists of Avalon – Marion Zimmer Bradley



Not in particular order, but library books come first because I don’t want fines again!! I love ticking off books on the Good Reads App. And it is my 2016 goal to read twenty books. Making a challenge sets you on surpassing things, and I will be taking a book with me everywhere I go!!

What you decide to read affects your future and it educates you. I am making more and more goals for myself this year and reading twenty books is still quite a lot when you think about it!!!

Having a hunger for new words is like a proclivity. I adulate it. And can’t wait to start studying again this year, Certificate IV in Library and Information Services. What a capacious course!! It will lead me into a prodigious trajectory. I am psyched!!!

Well, there’s my twenty texts and novels for this year. I probably won’t write another blog on books till next year, depending on what’s happening in my life!




Have you made a reading goal this year in 2016?

What is your favourite book of all time?


8 thoughts on “My Book Collection

  1. They all sound so wonderful Emmalisa! I will be taking my list with me to the book store and eagerly scouting them out! Thank you for sharing💖🌹


    1. AWESOME!!!! I am sure you will love any of the ones I listed…. This year is going to be a year of reading and education for me!!! PLUS hopefully some more travelling…. I have so many plans, dreams and goals….. Hope this year is your best!!!! ❤


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